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Warhammer 40,000 Adds New Miniatures and Special Edition Books to its Arsenal

Warhammer 40,000 Adds New Miniatures and Special Edition Books to its Arsenal

The new edition of Warhammer 40,000, now fully launched, is set to offer enthusiasts a fresh wave of miniatures and special edition books. Notably, three long-awaited characters will be introduced – Lion El’Jonson, Boss Snikrot, and Commander Farsight. The announcement also highlights the return of the Iron Hills Dwarves units in the Middle-earth™ range and introduces a selection of books from the Black Library.

After the longest ‘cat nap’ in history, Lion El’Jonson, the Primarch of the Dark Angels, has returned to confront the chaos in the galaxy. Equipped with the blade Fealty and the Emperor’s Shield, he relentlessly hunts down the enemies of the Imperium.

Adding a stealthy twist to the Ork battles, Boss Snikrot, an Ork Kommando, brings cunning and brute strength to the battlefield. With his night vision goggles and daggers known as Mork’s Teeth, he’s a force to be reckoned with.

Commander O’Shovah, famously known as Farsight, also marks his return in a custom, crimson XV-86 Supernova battlesuit to strike out against the enemies of the T’au Empire.

For Middle-earth™ fans, two units of Iron Hills Dwarves are making a comeback. The Iron Hills Dwarf Warriors with Spears Warband and Iron Hills Dwarf Warriors with Mattocks Warband, known for their unbending resolve and experienced warfare, are now available for the Iron Hills and Erebor Reclaimed armies.

In the literary department, Games Workshop is releasing the Special Edition of “Honourbound” by Rachel Harrison. This luxurious edition comes with an intricate design on the front and features a red ribbon bookmark. Only 1,500 copies will be available, each signed and individually numbered by the author.

“Cypher: Lord of The Fallen” by John French, offers a unique perspective on Cypher’s breakout from an imperial jail and the subsequent mystery surrounding his actions. Meanwhile, “Awakenings” by George Mann dives deep into a conspiracy threatening the Imperium. Both books will be available in hardback, eBook, or audiobook format.

French and German Warhammer fans can look forward to “Rogal Dorn: The Emperor’s Crusader” by Gav Thorpe and “Sigismund: The Eternal Crusader” by John French respectively. Both books explore intriguing narratives within the Warhammer universe and will be available in hardback and eBook formats.

Given the anticipation around these releases, a queue system will be in effect next weekend on the Games Workshop webstore.

Ovis Militaris

Wednesday 12th of July 2023

Ah yes... Farsight fighting for the "Tau" is it? Hmm... yes, yes... how interesting.

BLOOD FOR THE BLOOD GOD... err... Greater Good. Yes... I meant the Greater Good.