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Games Workshop Preview Jakhals for 40k

Games Workshop Preview Jakhals for 40k

The World Eaters Codex is coming to pre-order this weekend from Games Workshop. But the faction contains more than just old Space Marines with a penchant for blood. There’s humans as well. Well, more like “humans,” but still. Get a look at these Jakhals in this preview.

From the article:

Not every member of Khorne’s favourite Legion is a superhuman Berzerker clad in crimson and brass power armour from an earlier era – many are just enthusiastic go-getters with a penchant for chainblades and combat stimms. These gore-drenched groupies are the Jakhals, some of the strongest and toughest mortals to serve in the forces of Chaos. They’d need to be, considering the frothing psychopaths they rub shoulders with.

Jakhal packs are fanatically loyal to their masters, and seek to emulate the World Eaters in everything they do. They’re quick to fight among themselves if there’s no more appropriate target for their bloodlust – eager to impress their lords with displays of brutality and skill – but in the field, they hunt together like starving beasts.

Each Jakhal’s combat prowess is further boosted by tanks of sloshing chemicals, sutured to their backs by the Legion’s Berzerker-surgeons.* This cocktail of questionable chems elevates their natural ferocity to inhuman levels, helped along by the addition of a very special ingredient: eight drops of blood, taken from the World Eaters themselves.