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Infinity Tabletop Game Celebrates 1,000th Product Release with Fan-Friendly Activities and Giveaways

Infinity Tabletop Game Celebrates 1,000th Product Release with Fan-Friendly Activities and Giveaways

Corvus Belli, the tabletop game company behind Infinity, has reached a monumental milestone with the release of their 1000th product reference. To celebrate, the company invites fans to explore the history of their miniatures and participate in a special giveaway. Let’s take a journey through the captivating world of Infinity and commemorate this achievement together!

Infinity began in a small garage in Cangas do Morrazo, where a group of talented individuals worked tirelessly to bring their imaginative ideas to life. The early stages were filled with brainstorming sessions, envisioning a futuristic sci-fi world with virtual nations, wolf-like aliens, and space castaways. These concepts translated into a line of miniatures that would captivate players around the world.

Some of the notable figures in Infinity’s history hold a special place in the hearts of both the creators and the players. Fernando Liste’s Ninja, although never released, played a crucial role in establishing the foundation of the game’s sci-fi skirmish line. Gael Gaumon’s Hassassin Fiday showcased the unique design and rough yet sophisticated technology of the Haqqislam faction. Yannick Hennebo’s Tunguska Interventor introduced the concept of hackers with their distinctive acetate holograms. These early miniatures set the stage for the diverse factions and innovative gameplay that Infinity is known for.

The release of the first starter packs in 2005, featuring popular factions like Panoceania and Yu Jing, marked a significant milestone. These sets, crafted by talented artists such as José Luis Roig, Carlos Torres, and Yannick Hennebo, introduced players to the immersive world of Infinity. The detailed sculpts and vibrant designs made these starter packs a hit among fans and contributed to the game’s growing popularity.

Corvus Belli continued to push the boundaries of creativity and manufacturing techniques. The introduction of TAGs (Tactical Armored Gear) like José Luis Roig’s Mechanized Cavalry and Yannick Hennebo’s Gūijiă Squadron added a new level of excitement to the game. These imposing figures with intricate details became fan favorites, exemplifying the ongoing evolution of Infinity’s miniatures.

The game-changer came in 2014 with the release of the Operation Icestorm Battle Pack. This revolutionary product, accompanied by the launch of the third edition of the game (N3), propelled Corvus Belli to new heights. The success of the battle pack led to expansion, increased production capabilities, and a growing player base. It became one of the company’s most successful and best-selling products, marking a turning point for Infinity.

Corvus Belli’s dedication to innovation and improvement is evident in their miniatures. From the first in-house plastic production figure, Fausto Gutiérrez’s Vostok, to the upcoming releases that showcase their commitment to quality, the evolution of Infinity’s miniatures continues.

To celebrate this milestone and show appreciation for the loyal fans, Corvus Belli is hosting a special giveaway. Players can share their passion for the game on social media using the hashtag #Infinity1k for a chance to win a 100€ digital coupon for the Corvus Belli online store. It’s an opportunity for fans to showcase their love for Infinity and be rewarded for their dedication.

As Corvus Belli reaches this remarkable milestone, the journey of Infinity continues. The company’s commitment to evolving and delivering exceptional miniatures ensures that fans can look forward to even more exciting releases in the future.