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Unleash the Horrors of Athyr with Blood and Doom – A New Tabletop RPG on Kickstarter

Unleash the Horrors of Athyr with Blood and Doom – A New Tabletop RPG on Kickstarter

Blood and Doom, a new tabletop RPG by Dicetale Games, has already raised £33.000 from a £35.000 goal with 25 days left to go on Kickstarter. The campaign will end on May 1st. Blood and Doom is set in Athyr, a world full of ancient mysteries, sinister cults, and terrifying monsters. The game features a fast-paced, operatic experience with cinematic action and intuitive mechanics. Players can choose from 18 unique archetypes, each with their own set of skills and abilities. The game uses a player-facing d10 dice pool system and mechanics that reflect its gritty and adventurous setting.

Blood and Doom does away with traditional Hit Points and instead tracks bruises, wounds, injuries, and madness. The game has no set initiative order, letting the story at the table guide the action naturally. Blood and Doom offers a customizable experience that will appeal to both newcomers and veteran players. The game features easy-to-learn rules and mechanics that will engage players even when it’s not their turn.

The game features five realms spread over dense jungles, scorched deserts, mountain citadels, warring kingdoms, and more. Each region has its own language, gods, and spirits. The game also features twelve vile cults that are corrupting the land, sea, and sky. The cults perform obscene rituals that will bring death and destruction to the world. The game offers hundreds of quest hooks, points of interest, rumors, travel encounters, and NPCs.

The Blood and Doom Core Rulebook includes everything players need for a thrilling game experience. The book features over 80 weapons, each with their own attributes. Combat is kept exciting through injuries and wounds, while the madness-inducing events you will likely experience can cause trauma and insanity. The book also features unique travel rules, with journeys, expeditions, river runs, and sea voyages all covered.

The Kickstarter campaign offers a ton of extras to add to your core rulebook or slipcase set, such as custom dice, card sets with conditions, injuries, and weapon attributes, a poster map, Doomsayer’s screen, and miniatures. The game has already received praise from reviewers, vloggers, and bloggers, and it is created by a team that includes multiple ENnie Award-winning writers.

Overall, Blood and Doom is an exciting new tabletop RPG that offers a dark and immersive fantasy experience. With customizable rules and mechanics, players can engage in expansive campaigns in a captivating and wondrous world. The game is available now on Kickstarter, and backers will receive a wealth of extra content and bonuses.