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The Last Spell – The Board Game, a Tower Defense Twist on Co-op RPG, Hits Kickstarter

The Last Spell – The Board Game, a Tower Defense Twist on Co-op RPG, Hits Kickstarter

Tabula Games has launched a Kickstarter campaign for The Last Spell – The Board Game, a 1-4 player cooperative rogue-like RPG with a tower defense twist. Just over halfway through its fundraising campaign, the game has already gathered $189,199 in pledges, significantly surpassing its initial goal of $107,376. With 21 days remaining, the campaign is set to end on June 16, making now the ideal time to secure a copy of this exciting game.

As avid fans of the original video game, the team at Tabula Games has transformed The Last Spell into a tabletop experience that stays true to the original while enhancing its gameplay for the board game format. The game progresses in day and night cycles, with players taking on the roles of unique heroes with specialized weapons and abilities. The daytime phase focuses on strategizing and building defenses while the night time phase involves battling hordes of enemies.

Movement and action points play a crucial role in the gameplay, allowing heroes to maneuver and launch powerful attacks. Mana points can be used to unleash potent strikes, turning the tide of battles. After each battle, heroes level up, gaining enhanced stats and new perks, increasing their effectiveness in upcoming confrontations.

Materials gathered during the game can be used to construct defenses such as barricades and walls, vital for preventing enemy hordes from overrunning the towns. Gold serves as the main resource for constructing buildings like gold mines and scavenger camps, essential for gathering additional resources.

The Last Spell – The Board Game offers a rich cooperative gaming experience. Players are tasked with protecting three distinct towns from enemy onslaughts in an extended campaign. Each town acts as a standalone playthrough, allowing players to save their progress after each game. The game cycles between day and night, challenging players to balance economic growth, defensive fortification, and hero upgrades.