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CMON has another new Zombicide scenario up on their website for you. This one, like the last, is also for the Night of the Living Dead version of the game. What would happen if the survivors found ano
One of the most iconic zombie movies, and arguably the one that really kicked it all off, is Night of the Living Dead. Of course, something that iconic needs to have a Zombicide version, and it does.
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You'd think having security doors all around would be good for an alien invasion, but when the aliens can burrow through the ground, they just get in the way. You'll have to find your way out in Priso
Yeehaw, Pardner! Let's saddle on up and ride! There's zombies in them thar hills. And there's money in them thar safes in the bank. When the two come together, it's a twist you never expected. You can
If you can get all the zombies together in one group, then it's a lot easier to control them. However, it also means they're a giant mass of danger. Best to keep your distance and some massive, reinfo
Resources are scarce and the survivors know it. It'd be nice if everyone could work together in such times, but that's not always the case. Certainly, it's not in Pillage Race, a new scenario for Zomb
A lost kid is a really bad thing in our current world. During a zombie apocalypse, it's even worse. But that's where the Survivors find themselves in The Agatha-pocalypse, a new scenario for Zombicide
Most Zombicide scenarios are just one difficulty level. But this one actually gives you the option of going easy or hard. It's also a solo scenario, so even if nobody else shows up for game night, you
The third installment of the A New Dawn campaign is now available to download from the CMON website. Head over and download this Zombicide scenario now and continue the story.
The next part of the A New Dawn saga continues with Part 2. Can you get into the good graces of The Locusts by finding their old map? One way to find out. You can download this new Zombicide scenario
It's A New Dawn... Ok, I know it's afternoon (at least where I am) ,but it's a new dawn somewhere. And it can be on your tabletop as well if you download the new Zombicide scenario posted by CMON.
Plants vs. Zombies. It's a tale as old as... well... whenever that game came out. But that's where you find yourself in this new Zombicide: Black Plague scenario available to download now from CMON.
I mean, I've had an egg explode on me while trying to crack it. But it just had regular egg-stuff inside, not aliens. Such isn't the case in this scenario for Zombicide: Invader that CMON's posted onl
Looking for a new solo scenario for Zombicide: Black Plague? You're in luck, because that's exactly what CMON's posted up. You can head over and download Silas's Gathering now.
It's time for the next Origin Story scenario for the characters from the Zombicide 2nd Edition Core Box. This time, it's Wanda and her fashionable skates. You can't rollerskate through a buffalo herd,
They say, "you can never go home again." And, well, if your town is overrun by a necromancer and their zombie horde, they're right. But Anne's not going to just let things stand. She's headed back to
CMON has another Origin Story scenario for Zombicide for you. This time around, it's Elle. A little child is lost. Finding their parents would be a top priority at any time, but during a zombie apocal
Most recipes are "more like guidelines, anyway" when it comes to their ingredients and procedure. But when it's a healing potion you're dealing with, best to be as precise as possible. That's what you
CMON has been going through the various Survivors from the core Zombicide box and giving each an Origin Story scenario. This time around, it's Josh's turn. Head over and download it now.
When everything can go wrong, it will, apparently, for the Survivors in this new Zombicide: Invader scenario. But that doesn't mean they're done for yet. They'll just have to figure out a way to make
In a zombie apocalypse, a car with gas in it is possibly one of the greatest things you can find. But... it needs keys. Try and find them in this new Zombicide scenario from CMON, available now.
Rivers flood. Having lived in St. Louis, I know this very well. A flood's bad enough. But when there's zombies around, it's worse. When there's zombie wolves, it's even worse-worse. And that's what yo
One of the most-anticipated Zombicide games ever has come to Kickstarter. It's Marvel Zombies - A Zombicide Game. Take on the role of either infected heroes trying to spread the plague around or as th
In Marvel Zombies, you play as infected heroes trying to infect even more people. But that's not the only way to play the game. In the X-Men expansion box, you get Hero Mode, which actually puts you i
Cardio. It can be your greatest weapon against the zombie hordes, as we know. But a marathon? That's gonna push the Survivors to the limit. But you gotta do what you gotta do. You can download the Sai