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Abominations are the biggest, baddest, nastiest zombies out there. They're a walking nightmare. But when actual nightmares are haunting a Survivor's sleep, the only way to deal with them is to take th
Bunny G has gotten bored with just surviving in the apocalypse. They're making it even tougher by creating challenges the other Survivors are tackling in what's being called the Bunnylympics. You can
The various Survivors of Zombicide are getting individual missions to show where they were when the zombie apocalypse started. This time around, it's Ned that's getting the spotlight. You can download
The Xenos just keep coming. You've got to hold them off until all have been destroyed before you can get out of here. That's where you find yourself in Nice Guys Finish Last, a new Zombicide: Invader
The heroes that once saved this land have long since died. Now, the plague is back and those heroes are returning. Unfortunately, they're as restless spirits. A new generation of heroes will have to s
Survivors exist in isolated pockets. The zombies control most of the world. Communication is difficult. But when a giant radio antenna is found in mostly-working condition, it could bring different Su
Berin just can't hold himself back when it comes to attacking zombies. That's a good thing... and also a bad thing. A new Zombicide: Green Horde scenario is now available for your downloading and play
Zombicide 2nd Edition just recently hit store shelves and CMON's back with a new scenario. This time, they're looking at the origins of Doug and how he went from mild-mannered office drone to Survivor
There's a new zombie movie out there. Zack Snyder's created a special zombie movie just for Netflix. It's called Army of the Dead and it just dropped last week. Also dropped last week was the announce
Fire! I'll take you to burn! Fire! I'll take you to learn! I'll see you burn! Fire is what you'll be using to fix your zombie problem in this new Zombicide scenario. You can download Burn the Alley no
CMON is bringing you a new series of scenarios that looks into how the Survivors in Zombicide got to where they are. These new origin scenarios are solo games, so even if you're the only one around, y
Settling out west wasn't going to be easy to begin with. Throw in some shambling undead and the task gets even tougher. But that's what's happening in Zombicide: Undead or Alive, the latest standalone
The newest standalone expansion for Zombicide is coming to Kickstarter tomorrow. It's Undead or Alive and it takes players out to the Old West for some gunslingin' action. In this preview, we get a br
The next chapter in the Zombicide game line is almost here. CMON has announced Zombicide: Undead or Alive, focusing on an Old West theme. The Kickstarter campaign launches in one week.
Even when well-prepared, fighting a dragon isn't going to be easy. And that's where the Survivors find themselves in the second installment of the Slay the Beast scenario series for Zombicide: Black P
"We're gonna need swords... Lots of swords." You don't want to go fight a dragon with just your fists and hope. You're going to need the best gear. So, before taking on the dragon that's attacking a t
You know, having your computer or website hacked is bad enough (had that happen to TGN before, actually). It's worse when what's hacked is a sci-fi battle bot that's fully-armed. But that's what's hap
The Survivors find themselves in a place that's falling apart almost as bad as the zombies are. Better find a way out before the whole thing collapses in on them. That's the new The Decaying Ruins sce
Having a gas leak in your house would be great cause for alarm. But, in a war zone, having a build-up of explosive gas can be beneficial. Take advantage of what would normally be a bad situation in Ga
Why can't we keep the Christmas spirit all year round? Well, you can if you download the new Christmas Lights scenario for Zombicide from CMON. At least, you can hold onto some of that Holiday feeling
Teleporting around the place while a zombie plague is going on is a great way to stay one-step ahead of the shambling hordes. When the Survivors come across a group of teleportation stones, they're go
During a zombie apocalypse, things can go from bad to worse in a second. When that happens, it's the real survivors that make it through. Are you a real survivor? Find out in this new Zombicide scenar
Locked doors. They're great when you're trying to keep people out of restricted spaces. They're not so great when you need to escape a rampaging horde of murderous aliens in Zombicide: Invader. The Su
If you've played the A Taxi Saga part 1, you may wonder what comes next. Well, you're in luck, as we now know. CMON has posted the A Little Help From My Friends scenario, the next part of the campaign
During a zombie apocalypse, having a set of reliable wheels is vital. And the Survivors know a taxi driver. But he's a little flighty. Will he show up in time to save the group after they get themselv