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If having zombies running around wasn't bad enough, a curse placed on this town makes everyone's weapons brittle and they break easily. How will we fight back against the undead hordes? That's up to y
The Survivors have reunited Bob's family. Unfortunately, the zombie world is harsh and unforgiving, and Bob is now gone. But his family remains, as do a bunch more zombies. How will Bob's Campaign fin
"We'll uh... we'll talk to Bob." The Survivors have found Bob, the worker at the power station. But now his family is missing. Of course, during an apocalypse like this, it's impossible to say what's
It's amazing how quiet a zombie apocalypse can be. A lot of noises we're used to in everyday life become very rare. So, when the Survivors hear a ringing phone, they simply have to go answer it. What
Mold is bad enough if you find it in your house. But when you find it in an off-world facility and that mold is a byproduct of murderous aliens, it's a little worse, and harder to clean. But that's wh
With CMON posting a new Zombicide scenario each week, they're trying to hit all the different versions and big expansions for the game. But what if you've only ever picked up the original? Well, there
"Lock the doors. Close the shades. Stay quiet." It seemed like a good way to get the Xenos to just pass by. However, they've stuck around outside the doors. Now, it's up to the soldiers to get the sci
Another week, another new scenario. This time, a cache of weapons has gone missing. But the survivors have found it. Unfortunately, they also found a heap of zombies. Gear Up is a new scenario for Zom
Another week, another new scenario for Zombicide. If there was any time to have planned on coming out with new scenarios online every week for a year, this was a good one to pick. Players can head ove
Another week, another new scenario for one of the Zombicide games. This time around, it's Green Horde. Every veteran adventurer knows to never split the party. But when a sinister trap splits the part
Continuing with their pledge to give you a new Zombicide scenario every week, CMON has a new Invader scenario up on their website. The anti-matter generators are broken and making a lot of noise. Repa
Bigger is better when it comes to weapons used to fight off a rampaging group of zombies. Thankfully, the survivors have found a trebuchet... but it's broken. If they can get it working, they can hope
Another new scenario for Zombicide is up on the CMON website. This time around, they get medieval and head to the realm of Black Plague. Zombies don't really clear their pockets when they become the u
As the year continues on, CMON keeps posting new Zombicide scenarios. This was certainly a good year to have decided to do that. In this case, it's a new Zombicide: Invader scenario. If you got an une
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Ah, the much craved Pants scenario
The Necromancers are the minds behind the zombie hordes. They created the zombie plague and are directing it from the shadows. This particular group of zombies seems extra rowdy. We'll have to get to
Normally, going camping is a nice, relaxing experience. I remember going as a little kid with my family. They were fun trips that have created lifelong memories. However, when zombies randomly stumble
CMON's series of new scenarios for all of their Zombicide games continues. In this installment, they're headed to deep outer space to the planet PK-L7. Yes, it's a new Invader scenario. Specifically,
The orc necromancers laid a very intricat trap and now the Survivors have found themselves in the middle of it. The zombie hordes are coming and the walls are literally closing in. How will they make
Another week, another free scenario for Zombicide from CMON. If there was a year to have decided to do this, this was definitely the right one to do it. They've got a new one for Invader on their webs
It's the fi-nal de-fense! *doodle-doo-doo! doodle-doot-doot-doo!*
CMON continues putting out a new Zombicide scenario each week, going through all the different genres of the game and using parts from all the different expansions. This time around, it's from classic
A really nice sword, crossbow, or sling are good to have around when the zombie apocalypse comes. However, if you've got access to a trebuchet, that's just that much better. But getting and securing o
The survivors on PK-L7 include a lot of military personnel. They've been training for years to become the best of the best. But what if they want to become the best of the best of the best? That's whe
Another week, another new Zombicide scenario. This time, the virus that causes zombies has mutated once again, creating an entirely new monster roaming the streets, even more fearsome and destructive
CMON is posting a new Zombicide scenario every week this year. They're going through all their different games in the series, this time focusing on Zombicide: Invader. A research station has been atta