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Another week, another free scenario for Zombicide from CMON. If there was a year to have decided to do this, this was definitely the right one to do it. They've got a new one for Invader on their website. The Survivors have found a ship, but they must destroy a hive of Xenos before they can get away.

It's the fi-nal de-fense! *doodle-doo-doo! doodle-doot-doot-doo!*

CMON continues their weekly tradition of new scenarios for Zombicide (I mean, tell me that this wasn't a good year to have started that plan, amirite?). This time around, they're headed back to fantasy realms with Black Plague. There's nothing standing between the Survivors and a huge mass of undead. Who will win?

CMON continues putting out a new Zombicide scenario each week, going through all the different genres of the game and using parts from all the different expansions. This time around, it's from classic Zombicide with the Rue Morgue expansion attached. You can get this new scenario for free now.

A really nice sword, crossbow, or sling are good to have around when the zombie apocalypse comes. However, if you've got access to a trebuchet, that's just that much better. But getting and securing one isn't easy, as you'll find out in the Secure the Trebuchet scenario that CMON has released for Green Horde. You can download it for free now.

The survivors on PK-L7 include a lot of military personnel. They've been training for years to become the best of the best. But what if they want to become the best of the best of the best? That's where extra training comes in. And while it's dangerous to draw in Xenos, only having experience in direct action with the enemy is enough to level up to a super soldier. And that's what you'll be doing in this new Zombicide: Invader scenario.

Another week, another new Zombicide scenario. This time, the virus that causes zombies has mutated once again, creating an entirely new monster roaming the streets, even more fearsome and destructive than the dreaded Abominations. Will the Survivors be able to take it down?

CMON is posting a new Zombicide scenario every week this year. They're going through all their different games in the series, this time focusing on Zombicide: Invader. A research station has been attacked and the scientists are trying to get out with as much research as they can grab before the xenos overrun their position. They've also got some kickin' music. Go check out Ill Communication... *rereads title of the scenario* ... I mean, Ill Tidings.

CMON is posting up a new scenario for their various Zombicide games every week. This time around, they've chosen Green Horde. A new orc necromancer has been spotted. But any time someone tries to take him on, he simply vanishes. That's not good. How will the survivors fight this very elusive foe? That's up to you to find out.

The world has ended. The zombie apocalypse assured that. Now, with few surivivors left, everyone's clawing for what meager resources are left. When rival groups look to occupy the same territory that's not big enough for the two of them, there's bound to be a fight. It's survivor vs. survivor vs. zombies in this new scenario for Zombicide.

Mike McVey has created a ton of amazing minis in his years as a leading sculptor in the industry. Now, he's trying his hand at making some rather inconic characters in the form of the survivors and ghouls from Night of the Living Dead. In this article, McVey talks about what it took to get the look of these figures just right on the tabletop.

drew 111 days ago
Mike McVey is sculpting again? Whoa. The last sculpt that I remember from him was Karchev the Terrible- more than a decade ago. I'm not at all surprised that he's in charge of the minis, but I'm really surprised that he's sculpting them. He's just been more of the minis art director for a long time (and he's clearly very good at it- he gets some of the best work out of some very good sculptors).
drew 111 days ago
The style is different from other Zombicide stuff. It reminds me a bit of a historical miniatures line- very understated in comparison to what we normally see from CMON.
drew 111 days ago
Wait- maybe Mike isn't sculpting. From the article, he says the sculpting team is RN Studios and David Camarasa. Mike is still doing a great job as art director (even with this project that is clearly very different from what he usually does).

When creating the tiles for the Night of the Living Dead: A Zombicide Game, artist Henning Ludvigsen did his best to recreate the actual sets used. He really goes all-out when creating these pieces, not simply throwing together whatever, but actually doing what he can to remake the real house used in the movie on your tabletop. Check out his process in this article.

The artwork for a game is arguably one of the most important aspects of it. And when a game is an adaptation of a beloved movie, that just goes doubly-so. Well, CMON is adapting Night of the Living Dead into a Zombicide game. In this article, Karl Kopinski talks about what it was like taking a movie and turning its images into game artwork.

There are many ways that game designers can approach taking a movie or TV show and turning it into a board game. How did the Zombicide developers do it with Night of the Living Dead? We may never know... ... ... Actually, we know exactly, because they told us. CMON has posted up an interview with the developers. Have a look.

Copyright. It's an interesting subject. Obviously, when you create something, you want to be able to control how its used. Well, Night of the Living Dead has had an interesting copyright life, and with Night of the Living Dead: A Zombicide Game, people are wondering, "how does this interact with the movie's somewhat-notorious copyright history?" Well, in this article, CMON explains just what's going on.

drew 117 days ago
Should have named this article "Rights of the Living Dead." So the film itself is public domain, but the restoration and the character likenesses are protected, right? The people who work with Image Ten have always had access to better copies of the film (a lot of the DVD releases have deteriorated so much that people think it was shot on 16mm film stock rather than 32mm). The likeness rights means that derivative works like the game need the license. What surprises me is that they claim that this protects from 'bootleg' copies of the original version of the film- which is still public domain. I was kind of surprised that CMON wasn't using additional Romero "Of the Dead" series stuff, but those rights are probably not held by Image Ten.
Marcus 117 days ago
I love the title "Rights on the Living Dead!" Well played. Yeah, copyright law is very confusing to say the least. It doesn't help that some companies (ah-hem, Disney) find ways to extend copyright law far beyond what it was originally intended to do.

Night of the Living Dead changed the horror movie genre when it was released. Zombicide changed cooperative zombie board gaming when it wa released. Now, these two pillars of their respective genres are coming together in Night of the Living Dead: A Zombicide Game, a new standalone version of the zombie-hunting (though, in this case, ghoul-hunting) board game. It's up on Kickstarter now.

drew 118 days ago
Campaigns under two weeks have broken the prediction model before, so I don't think it applies here. Especially since this campaign features no add ons or stretch goals. I do think it is interesting the ways in which they've chosen to incorporate Romero's style into zombicide (with the relatives zombies and lack of runners and abominations). And it is strange how many of those normal walker zombies I actually recognize from the film. I wonder how this will contrast to every other version of Zombicide that I've played.

Night of the Living Dead changed the horror movie genre forever. Zombicide changed cooperative board gaming forever. It was only inevitable that these two giants were going to meet up. And soon they will be in Zombicide: Night of the Living Dead. In this intro, see what sort of elements have been incorporated into this new addition to both venerable franchises.

CMON might've just wrapped up funding on the 2nd edition of Zombicide, but that's not the end of the Zombicide news. You might remember a while ago that they announced a Night of the Living Dead version of the game. That disappeared for a while, but you can't keep a dead body down. It's back and it will be the company's next Kickstarter campaign.

Paul 151 days ago
YES!!!!!!!!!!! Amazing!!!!!

A new expansion has been previewed for Zombicide 2nd Edition. It's Fort Hendrix and it will take players into a military base overrun with zombies. You thought dealing with the claws and bites of zombies were bad enough. What about ones that still have their military weapons and still (sort of) know how to use them? That's going to certainly make things a bit tougher.

Zombicide, the fan-favorite cooperative zombie survival game, is getting itself a new edition. CMON has launched their Kickstarter campaig to bring it to your tabletops. It's all the zombie-killing action you've come to live, updated with all the cool advancements made over all the different versions of the game that've come out since its original release.

Zombicide 2nd Edition is rapidly approaching. But what about all the people that have been collecting the game for over 7 years now? What will happen to their collections? In this article, CMON talks about the upgrade kit that will be available, letting people bring their old games into the new system.

Zombicide 2nd Edition is coming to Kickstarter next week. As with any edition change for a game, players are wondering, "Ok, what changed?" You've got a game and you love it, so you want to know if the things you love have been changed. Well, to allay fears, CMON has posted up an article talking about just what sorts of things have been updated in this new version.

As they get closer to the launch of the Zombicide 2nd Edition Kickstarter, CMON has been looking back on Zombicides of the past and seen what each of those sets brought to the game. In this final installment, we head to the deep reaches of space and planet PK-L7, where the intrepid Survivors face off against an otherworldly foe in Zombicide: Invader.

CMON has launched their Kickstarter campaign to add new digital assets like soundtracks and art books for some of their previous games. They're HATE, Zombicide: Green Horde, and Rising Sun. You can also pledge for those games as well. Well, you could've if they hadn't all sold out super-quickly, anyway. But you can still possibly sign up for the pledge manager and get some stuff there.

CMON is launching a new Kickstarter campaign this week. They're going to be adding new digital art books and soundtracks for Zombicide: Green Horde, HATE, and Rising Sun. But, along with just adding those, backers will be able to pledge for those Kickstarter bundles themselves (as though they've gone back in time to when those campaigns were running, you see). So, if you missed out on your chance before, you'll have a new chance to back them now.

After the initial 3 seasons of Zombicide, the folks over at CMON decided to take the franchise to a different location. The previous games had been set in a modern world, but what if the zombie infestation happened in a medieval fantasy setting? Thus, Zombicide: Black Plague was born. Continuing their look through the history of Zombicide, they posted an article about this ye olden times version.