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Renegade Game Studios

In the night, creatures no longer entirely human stalk the dark spaces. They are the vampires, each a part of their own secret cabal, working to forward their group's goals. It's into this world that
One of the things that I enjoyed the most about Gen Con was perusing the dealer's hall, looking for all the great deals, exclusives, and pre-releases that were available at the show. And while I'm not
The Gold Rush in California brought a huge influx of people, goods, and opportunity to the state. That includes cities like San Francisco, that grew rapidly during the time. In Embarcadero, players ta
Why not get the day off started with what looks like an insanely adorable card game, eh? Seems like a good way to get Friday rolling. Here, we have Autumn Harvest, a new card game coming from Renegade
It's not just kids on bikes that tend to go around their town, solving all the mysteries that the adults don't feel it's worth their time to follow up on (but always threaten the town or the whole wor
Here in the northern hemisphere, summer is in full swing. And while we're not really going out to the beaches and theme parks like we might otherwise, that actually makes it a great time to pick up so
A new way to enter the world of the Masquerade is coming soon from Renegade Game Studios. They're working on Vampire: The Masquerade Rivals, a new card game that they'll be bringing to Kickstarter nex
There's two new Power Rangers: Heroes of the Grid expansions available to pre-order over on the Renegade Game Studios website. The first is the Rise of the Psycho Ranger and the other is the Villain P
Free RPG Day is one of the coolest days of the year. You can head out to your LGS and they might have some cool, free stuff for some of your favorite games and holding events all around playing preten
The Power Rangers have a lot of awesome power (and giant robots). But they're not the only ones out to fight the powers of evil. Sometimes, they need a little help. And in the Power Rangers: Heroes of
Near the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, there were some stories of people who'd been away from civilization for a while and were coming back to find just how changed things were. Well, in the Junior
Why did the designers do what they do when coming up with a game? It's a question most of us find ourselves asking at some point or another. And if you're doing that for Clank! Adventuring Party, you'
Unless you're Duck Dodgers, you might not know how to get to Planet X. And if you've misplaced your astro-astrolobe, you'll have to settle for giant telescopes. That's what you and your fellow astrono
I miss having a garden. My family always had one when I was growing up. However, now, the apartment management wasn't a fan of my idea of digging up their lawn and putting in some plants. So, I'll hav
Virtual Conventions are the way pretty much every gaming show is going this year. Since we really shouldn't be gathering in the hundreds or thousands, but we pretty much all have internet (at least, t
It's Friday! Woo! Gateway to the weekend. Don't have much going on this weekend? I think you do. You can head over to Renegade Con! What's that? You can't leave your house? That's fine, because the wh
Renegade Game Studios has a big batch of releases now available over in their webshop. There's the new Space Battle Lunchtime Card Game. Then you have the Wardlings RPG Campaign Guide for some fantasy
The Scythian chieftans are looking to claim the best land for themselves and out-maneuver the others. They will send their troops all across the land, raiding as they go. In the end, however, only one
I have to admit, I love over-easy and sunny-side-up eggs. But I might be concerned if my eggs started moving around and talking to me. But that's what Gudetama is... I think. Anyway, Renegade Game Stu
Having been a convention coordinator for a brief period of time, I know just what sort of work goes into doing the job. Let's just say that I'm glad that I'm an editor/proofreader now and have passed
Like many game companies and conventions, Renegade Game Studios is headed online with their virtual Renegade Con, happening in just a couple weeks. They've opened up tickets, which are free, but you c
Renegade Game Studios is looking to bring you more Power Rangers action for your Heroes of the Grid game. They've taken to Kickstarter to get the next wave of releases funded. The name of the campaign
With regular conventions being cancelled all over the world, many game companies are turning to virtual conventions so you can still get all those cool panels, previews, and more. Renegade Game Studio
The hit series Altered Carbon is getting itself an official RPG. Renegade Game Studios has started taking pre-orders for the core book. Head into a strange, futuristic world where very little is as it
Here in the Northern Hemisphere, it's steadily getting warmer as the land wakes up from its winter slumber. Time to open up the windows, do some spring cleaning, and get some new games! Renegade Game