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Gotham's got bad weather, a ton of supervillains, and a police force that's either stretched too thin, entirely inept, or horrifically corrupt, depending on the day of the week. That leaves just one p
What if you've got half your group that wants to play in a Western setting and another half that wants to play in a Fantasy setting? Well, you compromise and play Outlaws 'n' Owlbears. It's an RPG Zin
Gamelyn Games has a new game as part of their Tiny Epic line up on Kickstarter. And this one has actual minis with it, not just custom meeples! The game is Tiny Epic Dungeons and it's a fully cooperat
It's time to burn rubber and get that checkered flag, all from your living room. Horrible Guild has launched a Kickstarter campaign for their fast-(and furious)-paced game, Tiny Turbo Cars. Don't be l
Green, as they say, is good. At least, that's the prevailing feeling in Orconomics, the economic game with a decidedly ork-y twist. Ares Games has launched a Kickstarter campaign to bring you a new, u
Need to get some NPCs for your game? Maybe you're looking for a new character and you're suck? Either way, you should check out the Band of Misfit Boys, a group of characters for RPGs that's up on Kic
Tea parties. A time to sit around with friends and discuss the news of the day. But one friend, Katy, isn't there like she should be and everyone else is discussing what might have happened to her. Th
The Fantasy Trip, Steve Jackson Games' fantasy RPG, recently came back onto the scene. So, GMs in the game are probably on the lookout for new content to add to their games. That's where Gaming Ballis
If you're a fan of superheroes and want to experience being one on the tabletop, then Lifted - Vault 01 is the RPG book for you. It uses the Champions Now RPG system and gives you all the high-flying,
The strange and mystical land of Trudvang is getting an expansion. The Norse-inspired RPG by RiotMinds has a new setting book up on Kickstarter. It's called Seed of Vanir. It focuses on the various fo
Settling out west wasn't going to be easy to begin with. Throw in some shambling undead and the task gets even tougher. But that's what's happening in Zombicide: Undead or Alive, the latest standalone
In RPGs (videogame ones, that is), items are your life. You find keys, sticks, lanterns, widgets, and all other manner of stuff that you carry around into the dungeons to help you defeat the boss. The
Russia is rather vast, with much of Siberia an open land of not a whole lot. Join with Stroganov explorers as they search this vast land. That's the story behind Stroganov, a new board game that's up
Tarot cards help you see the story of your future. But they can also help you tell a story of the present. At least, the present for your characters. Fortunes is a new storytelling game reliant on the
fallenrayven 6 days ago
Now this looks interesting!! I have backed several tarot decks via Kickstarter.
I'd love to get a set of loricae segmentata for my own home use. But that's not easy. What is easy is living vicariously through Lex Arcana, the Ancient Roman RPG. They're looking to create two new ex
In this court, the cards are king and queen. Arcana Palace is an RPG that puts you into the realm of the court, always full of intrigue. To navigate through, the cards are your ally. Use your tarot de
When you headed out into the world, looking to do reconnaissance for the Resistance, you weren't sure if you'd be making it back again. Thankfully, you've made it this far and it's time to go home. Bu
Stronghold Games is running a Kickstarter campaign for Terraforming Mars - Ares Expedition. This new stand-alone card game in the Terraforming Mars universe brings players to the red planet, looking t
Even within a cult, there can be power struggles, even as you struggle to raise your ancient god from the depths of the ocean. In the end, one will stand tall, even when the end comes. But who will th
Quixotic Games is looking to bring you some new expansions for Core Worlds. They have both their Empires and Nemesis sets up on Kickstarter now. Empires is a stand-alone sequel, while Nemesis turns th
"More options." It's what all gamers and GMs want. And the Vault of Magic is here to bring it to you. It's a tome filled with over 800 magic items that you can add to your games of 5th edition. The ne
If you want to play a Sci-fi rpg but you don't want to have to learn an entirely new system, you might want to check out Farsight. It's a sci-fi RPG based on 5th edition D&D. So, if you know that
We've made it back around to Monday. We all knew it was going to happen. Might as well make the best of it by making your gaming tables look good. As such, today in the terrain corner we have:
See the towers of Minas Tirith. Drink Ale at the Prancing Pony. Visit the ruins of Laketown. These are things you can do when you explore Middle-earth in The One Ring, the RPG based on J.R.R. Tolkien'
ngolmo 11 days ago
Massively Excited for this... Having run hundreds of hours of 1st Edition -- this updated and streamline new edition will be perfect for further adventures throughout Middle Earth! I went all in on the Kickstarter... and am anticipating new stretch goals by the day!
I moved away from "home" quite a long time ago and it's not all that often that I get back. When I do to see family, the changes to me are major while they're basically used to it all, having experien