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If you liked One Deck Dungeon, but really kinda prefer a sci-fi theme, then Asmadi Games is here to help. They've launched a Kickstarter campaign for One Deck Galaxy. Head out into the stars and creat
My dad and I used to go fishing all the time. His side of the family are big into fishing. Some even were professionals. I never got that far, but soon, I can live vicariously through Tournament Fishi
Oil. Humanity currently needs it to continue on. But there's always the chance of a catastrophic spill. And that's what's happened in The Spill, a new, cooperative, reverse-tower defense game that's u
I love sushi. Though, it's been a while since I've had it. But even if I can't make it out to my favorite sushi restaurant soon, I can live vicariously through Sushi Boat, a new board game all about g
We've got a whole bunch of He-Man in just a couple days. This time around, it's CMON with their Masters of the Universe: The Board Game - Clash for Eternia. Take up the forces of either good or evil,
An expansive land. Epic adventures to be had. Friends to make. Foes to fight. Agemonia has it all. It's a new, cooperative, narrative board game that's up on Kickstarter now.
The goblins in the region want to get a hold of the sentient sword, Goblingrief so that they can destroy it. They've taken a hostage in order to show they mean business. It's up to the party to find t
Phase Shift Games is pleased to announce Drop Drive. It's a new board game of space exploration that they're going to be bringing to Kickstarter later this month. Head through to their page to check o
Fridaaaaaaay! Woo! It's been a busy week for me, so it feels like it just rushed on by. Of course, that's not a complaint. Especially considering it's a 3-day weekend for us here in the US. Woo! An ex
If you don't manage to win the video game the first time around, you can just reset and go in with better info and do better the next time. The same holds true in real life on Kickstarter. If a campai
Poketto is back at it again. You've possibly gotten one or more of their games that fit in a tin the size of a container for mints. They've got another they're looking to fund on Kickstarter called Mi
The Dee Sanction: Adventures is the extremely-appropriately-named book that's up on Kickstarter that brings you adventures for the The Dee Sanction RPG. I said that it was appropriately named. There's
Players are always looking for new options for their characters. And while the core races in D&D are fine, there's not exactly a ton of them. Well, with The Delver's Guide to Beast World, the opti
The lands of Central and South America are vast and filled with a rich culture and heritages stretching back into history. They have many mythologies that have been brought to a pair of new RPG supple
"More Options!" It's the cry of every gamer and DM out there. If you're looking to bring a whole host of new options to your games, you'll want to check out Valda's Spire of Secrets. It's a new 5th Ed
When busy, it tends to make time go by faster. I've been busy this week, so when I woke up and it was like, "Oh, Wednesday already" it was kinda nice. But, I am feeling a bit peckish. Think it's time
More than just a single supplement, the Tanares Kickstarter by Dragori Games has tons of new content that you can add to your D&D games. With many new books, extras, guides, miniatures, and more,
The coal miners of West Virginia were facing tough times. Paid little or even, really, nothing at all (instead getting scrip, a money system that was only good at the company store and nowhere else),
The folks at Roll for Combat have been busy bees over in their workshop. They've been working on getting three new supplements ready to add to your Pathfinder and D&D games. They're the Battlezoo
Many of you older players will remember the Dark Sun setting from the 90s. Newer players may have heard these older players talking about epic games in that world. Now, you'll be able to join in with
We're pretty much into the spooky season already. My Kroger has been selling Reese's Pumpkins for a couple weeks now. And if you're looking to bring some of that horror to your tabletop, you'll want t
You may think that to have an RPG, you need a giant book of rules. But not so. Tiny Library is a Kickstarter campaign that consists of a deck of 50 cards, each with its own RPG on it. An entire RPG on
The Niobe & Dura: Wrath of the Ancients Kickstarter isn't one I'd normally cover on TGN, as we don't do specifically comic type stuff. However, as part of the campaign for this comic, you can get
Foxes. They're deities in many civilizations. In the new Kickstarter campaign for Legends for Signum, they're focusing on the Japanese interpretation and adding the Kitsune Clan to the game. Head over
Longtime readers know that, in my spare time, I review hot sauces. Well, it seems that my hobby is crashing into my everyday job with Chili Mafia. It's a new card game that's up on Kickstarter that ev