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Star Trek Adventures Releases New Standalone Adventure: “Diving Eight Layers Deep”

Star Trek Adventures Releases New Standalone Adventure: “Diving Eight Layers Deep”

A new adventure in the world of Star Trek Adventures has been released and it promises to take players on a journey like no other. Titled “Eight Layers Deep,” the standalone adventure challenges players to explore the vast layers of quantum reality that exist beyond the traditional point A to point B travel that most Starfleet crews are familiar with.

The adventure is the brainchild of Michael Dismuke, a Star Trek Adventures contributor, who drew inspiration from the concept of sub-quantum teleportation as seen in the Enterprise episode “Daedalus.” He envisioned a future where brilliant scientists and engineers were exploring all the possibilities with matter/energy transformation, leading to the development of a sub-quantum transporter that could theoretically beam an object or person any distance, through layers of subspace.

The adventure also pays tribute to the importance of social conflicts in RPGs. Dismuke wanted to embed the potential for social conflict all over “Eight Layers Deep,” presenting players with ethical dilemmas, bending the rules to save lives, pulling rank to follow orders, and challenging the Prime Directive to save a world. The adventure creates a stage where people might face off to argue their side of an issue, with the aim of creating a memorable gaming experience.

“Eight Layers Deep” promises to be a unique and exciting adventure that explores the uncharted territory of quantum reality.