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Mantic Games Announces Dungeon Saga Origins

Mantic Games Announces Dungeon Saga Origins

Fantasy game enthusiasts, get ready to don your armor and grab your swords – Dungeon Saga is back! The original dungeon crawler that had gamers battling their way through Dwarf King’s Hold and facing off against Karrathor The Unbroken in The Tyrant of Halpi is returning with a brand new prequel, Dungeon Saga Origins.

Mantic Games, the creators of the original Dungeon Saga, are promising a show-stopping new game that blends classic fantasy with modern rules. The Legendary Edition of Dungeon Saga Origins is set to launch on Kickstarter soon, and it will feature all-new miniatures and provide a fresh entry point for both new and veteran players alike.

Dungeon Saga Origins promises a fun, immersive, and accessible game that can be played casually with friends or with your family. The clean and intuitive rules still offer players interesting choices, challenging scenarios, linked campaign games, special character abilities, and the ability to carry or trade gold, items, and equipment between quests.

For players of Mantic Games’ Kings of War, the campaign will provide an exciting first look at the new Twilight Kin, who will feature in a fully-fledged Dungeon Saga Origins expansion of their own.

So, prepare for adventure and mark your calendars for the Kickstarter campaign launch of Dungeon Saga Origins.