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Shelf Care: A Tabletop Coloring Book Now on Kickstarter

Shelf Care: A Tabletop Coloring Book Now on Kickstarter

In a celebration of gaming artistry, Violet Daisy Games and Dice Up Games have collaborated on a Kickstarter campaign for a tabletop game-themed coloring book. The book, titled “Shelf Care: A Tabletop Coloring Book,” features illustrations from twenty artists within the tabletop gaming community, with pledges currently standing at US$ 4,000 of the US$ 5,500 goal. The campaign runs until July 18, garnering support from 205 backers with 18 days to go.

This unique coloring book is a love letter to tabletop gaming, offering an engaging, tranquil pastime for gamers. Featuring homages to classic games and vibrant settings for new adventures, Shelf Care presents a fresh take on gaming hobbies.

“Shelf Care was conceived to give gamers a chance to unwind,” the creators explained. “The coloring book is something you can do at your own pace, requiring little space or special tools. It’s a way for gamers to find tranquility and immerse themselves in their hobby in a different way.”

In addition to offering a calming experience, Shelf Care also serves as a tribute to the artistry of the gaming industry. The creators understand that art significantly contributes to a game’s appeal, from attracting attention on store shelves to enhancing the atmosphere during gameplay. Each artist featured in Shelf Care has a full page dedicated to their biography, allowing readers to get to know them better.

The creators, Tim & Kristin (Dice Up Games) and Violet Daisy Games, saw this project as an opportunity to spotlight these artists and their extraordinary work. The revenues from the project will be shared with the artists, emphasizing the importance of fair compensation within the gaming industry. “Every artist was paid for the work they contributed, and each stretch goal will be split between artists and production costs,” the creators shared.

Featured artists in Shelf Care include Amanda Kahl, Arnel Baluyot, Ben Daniel, Bridgette Indelicato, Cody Vrosh, Cynthia Walker, Jabari Weathers, Jon Merchant, Leo Assis, Marion Kartes, Melissa Robb, Nala J. Wu, Nelson.V. Carrasquillo, Otavio Agustto, Rhi Wynter, Sadia Bies, Ta-Te Wu, Thatcher Cohen, The Mico, and Tylor Murray.

One of the impressive things about this project is its readiness for publication. The creators assured backers, “This project is finished! We’re ready to print as soon as the funds from this crowdfunding campaign reach our bank.”

Backers have the option of supporting the project with a pledge for a digital copy at $12, or both a physical copy and a digital copy for $20. Retailers are also encouraged to take part in the project with a special pledge tier.

Shelf Care: A Tabletop Coloring Book encapsulates the joy and creativity of the tabletop gaming world. It is an artful testament to the industry, its artists, and the fans that breathe life into it. Be a part of this extraordinary project and add a dash of color to your gaming experience.