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Biohack – A Strategy Board Game that Transforms Players into Mad Scientists Launches on Kickstarter

Biohack – A Strategy Board Game that Transforms Players into Mad Scientists Launches on Kickstarter

A fascinating board game that turns players into expelled ‘mad scientists’ engaged in creating mythical creatures has taken Kickstarter by storm. The game, titled “Biohack,” is an engaging and strategic creation by uchibacoya, offering an immersive experience for 1-4 players.

Already significantly surpassing its original goal of $10,003, the game has garnered an impressive $88,783 from 983 backers with 26 days still remaining in its campaign, set to end on July 1.

Biohack is centered on a captivating narrative wherein players embody young researchers expelled from the scientific academia due to their controversial involvement in the so-called “Biohack Incident” twenty years prior. This incident marked a scandalous point in the academia’s history, where Dr. Johann Maischberger notoriously tampered with nature’s laws by creating new creatures through his experiments.

Fast-forward to the present, Dr. Maischberger’s daughter is attempting to revive these bold experiments, utilizing incomprehensible blueprints left behind by her father. Unable to decipher them herself, she turns to the previously expelled “mad scientists,” setting the stage for an exhilarating race to create mythical creatures and regain their reputation as respected scientists.

Biohack is a medium-complexity game where each player uses worker characters, known as “Noman,” to procure funds and DNAs to construct new creatures. Scientists, which serve as the players’ avatars, possess various unique abilities, and the creatures born from their experiments yield a range of beneficial effects.

The game concludes either after a predetermined number of rounds or once a player has successfully created seven creatures. Players then tally their Evaluation Points, with the one boasting the most points emerging victorious.

Biohack’s tremendous success thus far is a testament to its unique and engaging gameplay concept. The creators at uchibacoya are undoubtedly thrilled with the response and are eager to see how far their innovative game will go in the remaining days of the Kickstarter campaign. As the countdown continues, board game enthusiasts worldwide can join in to contribute to Biohack’s exciting journey.