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Quest-O-Nomicon Book of RPG Adventures Up On Kickstarter

Quest-O-Nomicon Book of RPG Adventures Up On Kickstarter

When new players are getting into D&D, it’s best to not start them at something like Level 15 or something. That’d be throwing too much at them at once. Letting them start out at low level gives them the chance to figure out how the game works without having to figure out a ton of stuff about how their character works, too. If you’re looking for quests for these low-level, new heroes, you’ll want to check out the Quest-O-Nomicon book up on Kickstarter now.

From the campaign:

The Quest-O-Nomicon is a compendium of adventures chronicled by Ser Nominus, an animated skeleton with a knack for sudden and painful demise! Explore 10 different stories and 30 different adventures as you sample Ser Nominus’ favorite epics and tales! The stories held in this tome are customizable, so whether you’re a group with years of experience, or a new GM looking to introduce some friends to Fifth Edition, there’s something for everyone in the Quest-O-Nomicon.

In this book you’ll find five different themes to choose from, featuring two different 1st level one-shot stories that can be extended to Levels 2 and 3 with further games. Whether it’s fighting an evil dragon to save a city, planning a cunning train heist in the wild west, or taking to the high seas to track down lost treasure; the adventures you’ll find within these pages are many and varied.

The campaign’s more than 20x funded with 11 days left to go.