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Privateer Press Launches New Community Hub

Privateer Press Launches New Community Hub

Privateer Press, the popular gaming and miniature company, has announced the launch of a new online platform called the Privateer Press Community Hub. This new platform is aimed at creating a centralized resource for players and hobbyists of Privateer Press games and miniatures to interact, share information, and discuss their interests.

According to Privateer Press, the new Community Hub was developed to better support the needs of players of its various games, including WARMACHINE, IKRPG, Monsterpocalypse, Warcaster, and Riot Quest. With so many social media platforms available, the company felt that it was important to create a platform that specifically catered to its players’ needs and interests.

The new Community Hub, which uses the Discourse discussion platform, offers many features that will benefit the interactions between community members, including the ability to tag discussions for easy searching, archive resource documents in a central location, and maintain visibility on important news and updates.

Additionally, the Community Hub will provide a platform for members of the community who are contributing in ways that the company wants everyone to be aware of, such as streaming games, organizing in-store or convention events, or sharing their latest painting techniques or miniature modification strategies.

According to Privateer Press, the Community Hub will be an ongoing effort that evolves over time based on feedback from the community. The company hopes that it will become a one-stop online resource for players to stay informed, interact, and share their interests and passions around the games and miniatures produced by Privateer Press.

The Community Hub is now live and ready for players to join the discussion at