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Mantic Games Unveils Reimagined Twilight Kin

Mantic Games Unveils Reimagined Twilight Kin

Mantic Games has announced exciting news for Kings of War players with the upcoming rework of the Twilight Kin army. In an update released today, the studio revealed that the Twilight Kin army would be reintroduced later this year, complete with a range of new hard plastics, resin heroes, and monsters.

Fans of the Twilight Kin were given a first glimpse of the new direction for the army with the Dungeon Saga Origins expansion. This dungeon crawler is in its final days on Kickstarter and features gorgeous new sculpts that are both cool and unsettling, without resorting to full-on horror.

According to the design team, the new style is strongly tied to the Twilight Kin’s relationship with the Nightstalkers, with a theme of hidden or extra eyes across both armies. There is a clear hierarchy in the Twilight Kin range, reflecting how much time they have spent in the void and the darkness of their deeds. The towering Impaler and Soulbane are heavily layered in organic armor shapes, making players question whether it’s metal or something living.

The Twilight Kin fleet in Armada is a terror to behold, with their ships giving early hints at what the studio has planned for this hideously brilliant army. In the Kings of War tabletop game, the studio has removed the current iteration of the Twilight Kin army from the Mantic Companion Kings of War List Builder, to ensure players don’t start building an army that will soon look and function differently.

Mantic Games has been hard at work to make sure the Twilight Kin army looks and feels truly unique, and players will soon be able to field a full army of these twisted and awesome creatures. The new Twilight Kin army will be suitably weird and will be able to field some of the fantastic new Nightstalker kits.

Mantic Games has promised to share more news about the Twilight Kin and the upcoming Nightstalker releases in the near future. For now, fans can look forward to the new direction for the Twilight Kin army and prepare to face the terrifying power of the Void.