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Paizo Previews GM Tools for Pathfinder 2nd Edition

Paizo Previews GM Tools for Pathfinder 2nd Edition

So far, most of the previews for Pathfinder 2nd edition have focused on characters and what they’re capable of and how they work. But, while for a player, the character is everything. For the GM, the characters are only the beginning. They’ve got a whole world to manage, and that’s not always so easy. So, in this preview, we get a look at what tools GMs will have at their disposal for making things work smoothly.

From the post:

This week, we’re going to take a look at the tools the new edition provides the GM to tell awesome stories full of interesting foes and hazards as well as plenty of opportunity to shine the spotlight on the PCs and show off how incredible the PCs are!

But before I get too mired into details of the rules, I want to talk about the high-quality overall GM advice in the book. For instance, my favorite bit of GM advice is this section in Gamemastering on adjudicating the rules, where we flat out tell you the underlying principles so you can design improvised rules on the fly!