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New Release: Doctors and Daleks: Alien Archive Expands Doctor Who Roleplaying Game Universe

New Release: Doctors and Daleks: Alien Archive Expands Doctor Who Roleplaying Game Universe

Cubicle 7 has unveiled the upcoming release of “Doctors and Daleks: Alien Archive,” the third installment in their popular Doctors and Daleks line. This latest addition to the series will provide players with a comprehensive catalogue of the diverse and peculiar alien species encountered by the Doctor throughout their time-traveling escapades. The book promises to expand the immersive experience of the Doctor Who Roleplaying Game by offering a deeper understanding of these extraterrestrial entities and their motivations.

“Alien Archive” presents a compendium of over 60 creatures and adversaries, including familiar foes such as the Axos and Zygons. In addition to providing 5e compatible statistics for use in the Doctors and Daleks game, the book delves into each species’ intricate backstory, tactics, and agenda. Game masters will find an array of resources to aid in the creation and execution of thrilling adventures featuring these alien races. Furthermore, players will discover enhanced non-violent strategies to defeat their adversaries and an assortment of gadgets for both aliens and players to utilize.

Enthusiasts can already secure their copies of “Doctors and Daleks: Alien Archive” by preordering the book. Those who choose to preorder the print version will receive the PDF edition immediately, allowing them to dive into the cosmic world of Doctor Who without delay. The PDF version is also available separately for interested players. Furthermore, Cubicle 7 has made the other books in the Doctors and Daleks line available for preorder, including an alluring slipcase containing all three volumes and the Gamemaster’s Screen.

Coinciding with the release of “Alien Archive,” Cubicle 7 has unveiled a redesign of the Doctors and Daleks line to reflect the recent regeneration of the Thirteenth Doctor into the Fourteenth. The updated covers for the Player’s Guide, Keys of Scaravore, and Alien Archive feature a fresh look, embracing the aesthetic changes of the popular British sci-fi series. The color scheme throughout the books has also been updated to match the vibrant atmosphere of Doctor Who’s latest era.

Players who have already preordered “Doctors and Daleks” will find that the PDFs have been updated to incorporate the recent changes. To access the latest versions, customers can simply log in to their Cubicle 7 account or visit the downloads page on Drivethru RPG.

Fans of Doctor Who can anticipate a thrilling gaming experience with “Doctors and Daleks: Alien Archive” and the entire Doctors and Daleks line. As the franchise celebrates sixty years of adventures in time and space, Cubicle 7 invites enthusiasts to stay up to date by following them on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.