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Plaid Hat Games Unveils Exciting Previews of Swamp Orcs for Summoner Wars Second Edition

Plaid Hat Games Unveils Exciting Previews of Swamp Orcs for Summoner Wars Second Edition

A while back Plaid Hat Games announced the Swamp Orcs and High Elves factions coming to Summoner Wars: Second Edition. And now fans of the game got a preview of the Swamp Orcs in a series of blog posts previewing the upcoming faction. In four separate articles, the game publisher introduced the unique units, champions, and events that players can expect from this new addition to the game.

The first preview, titled “Bog Shaman and Witch,” provided a glimpse into the essential support units of the Swamp Orcs. The Bog Shaman plays a crucial role in cultivating the swamp, boosting nearby units for a tactical advantage. Although the shamans themselves don’t benefit directly from the boost, the Swamp Orcs possess various ways to capitalize on the accumulated power. Another common unit, the Bog Witch, may appear frail, but her Augment ability allows players to expend boost to enhance their most powerful attacks.

The second preview, “Vinemancer and Mud Drudgers,” introduced two more commons from the faction. The Vinemancer demonstrates the Swamp Orcs’ mastery over their environment with the Vine Pull ability, which allows them to strategically reposition allies or pull enemy units into their range during combat. The Mud Drudgers, on the other hand, act as loyal companions to summoner Mugglug, protecting her from harm and allowing her to unleash devastating attacks without fear of retaliation.

In the third preview, “Blub, Splack, and Glurp,” the spotlight shifted to the formidable champions of the Swamp Orcs. This faction excels at summoning champions inexpensively and even has the ability to resurrect them within the same game. Blub, a menacing force, boasts increased mobility and power during the first turn he is in play, making him a constant threat. Splack, the lower-cost champion, excels when the Swamp Orcs gain the upper hand, possessing tireless and relentless qualities. Glurp, meanwhile, possesses the power to wreak havoc in the swamp, utilizing her Germinate ability to populate the map with valuable Vine Gates, granting her forward summoning potential and added defense.

In the final preview titled “The Events!” Plaid Hat Games unveiled the Swamp Orcs’ event suite. Vine Gates play a central role in the faction’s boost economy, allowing for the summoning of units with a boost ready to go, ensuring a swift start and amplifying the effectiveness of abilities. Sow, another event card, provides players with a choice between boosting their unboosted or boosted commons, granting them the flexibility to adapt their strategies. The last event, Regenerate, offers a vital tool for the aggressive summoner Mugglug, allowing her to convert excess boost into healing for wounded heroes.

With the completion of the Swamp Orcs previews, Plaid Hat Games hinted at the next faction to be unveiled, the High Elves, promising another round of exciting teasers for Summoner Wars enthusiasts. Fans can expect the release of the new decks in June and are encouraged to subscribe to stay up to date with the latest updates and announcements.