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New Book Adds Exciting Planar Character Options to Dungeons & Dragons 5E

New Book Adds Exciting Planar Character Options to Dungeons & Dragons 5E

Dungeons & Dragons players can now create even more unique characters with the release of Planar Character Options for 5E, a new book authored by Bruce R. Cordell. Featuring six new character species, 16 new subclasses, and new backgrounds, feats, spells, and magic items, all of which center around the planes, this book offers an array of exciting possibilities for players looking to add more depth to their characters.

In Planar Character Options for 5E, players can explore characters shaped by their experiences in the planes, each with their own unique backgrounds and abilities. The book offers a range of fascinating options, from the Way of the Amethyst Fist monk, who channels power through a psionically resonant prosthetic, to a traveller with a mysterious cosmic map imprinted on their skin, to a character with the Limbo Touched feat, who has the power to change objects at will.

In addition to the new character options, players can also choose from three new backgrounds: the cosmic rambler, crossplane refugee, and reformed fiend backgrounds. The book also includes 14 new feats, nearly 50 new spells, and dozens of new magic items related to the planes, making it a must-have for any player looking to expand their character’s abilities.

The six new character species introduced in this book include the lava elf, born from dimensional warfare, and the surk, a machine-like being that was not born at all. Players can also choose from 16 new subclasses, such as the Unearthly Gleaner sorcerer, the Gun Jack rogue, and the Oath of the Angelic Perfection paladin, each with its own unique abilities and powers.

Planar Character Options for 5E is a 96-page softcover or PDF that can be enjoyed on its own or as an inspiring companion to Path of the Planebreaker. Although some of the content in this book is duplicated from that title, most of it is new and not duplicated, making it a great way to find all character-related content in one place.

The softcover version of Planar Character Options for 5E is priced at $29.99, while the PDF is available for $11.99. With this book, players can create even more diverse and intriguing characters, and delve deeper into the planes of Dungeons & Dragons.