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New Board Game “EVE: War for New Eden” Surpasses Kickstarter Goal

New Board Game “EVE: War for New Eden” Surpasses Kickstarter Goal

The Kickstarter campaign for “EVE: War for New Eden,” a board game adaptation of the beloved MMO EVE Online, has rapidly gained momentum, significantly exceeding its funding goal. As of today, the project has attracted $209,509 in pledges, well above its initial $54,377 target. With 961 backers and 27 days left in the campaign, which ends on February 21, the game has stirred considerable excitement among both board game enthusiasts and EVE Online players.

“EVE: War for New Eden” aims to translate the intricate universe of EVE Online into a board game format, offering a blend of strategic gameplay elements that mirror the online experience. Players can expect to engage in the familiar dynamics of the EVE universe, including faction development, exploration, resource management, and large-scale space battles.

At the heart of the game is the concept of faction development, where players can tailor their progress and strategy, much like in the MMO. The element of surprise is key, as players keep their advancements secret, unveiling them strategically to gain an advantage over opponents.

Expansion and control over new territories form a crucial part of gameplay. Players explore uncharted solar systems, claim them, and extract valuable resources, which are essential for establishing and fortifying their empire.

Resource management is a significant aspect, challenging players to gain control over mineral-rich areas for trade and manufacturing. These resources are pivotal for building a powerful fleet of spaceships, crucial for asserting dominance on the board.

The game promises to deliver engaging combat experiences, allowing players to utilize their fleets in various tactical formations. The battles are designed to escalate from swift skirmishes to grandiose confrontations as the game progresses.

In terms of usability, “EVE: War for New Eden” has been crafted for accessibility and ease of play. It features a modular map frame and streamlined setup procedures, ensuring that players can dive into the game quickly.

Furthermore, the developers have announced plans for multiple expansions, indicating that the universe of “EVE: War for New Eden” will continue to evolve, offering new adventures and enhanced gameplay.

El nuevo juego de mesa ‘EVE: War for New Eden’ supera el objetivo de Kickstarter – El Broder Games

Friday 26th of January 2024

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