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Monte Cook Games Introduces the Cypher System Creature Index

Monte Cook Games Introduces the Cypher System Creature Index

Monte Cook Games is taking the Cypher System to new heights with the introduction of the Cypher System Creature Index, designed to help game masters (GMs) find the perfect creature for their next encounter. This new tool promises to revolutionize the process of selecting creatures for a variety of campaigns.

Whether you’re running a space horror game, a weird steampunk campaign, or a high fantasy adventure, the Cypher System offers hundreds of unique creatures and NPCs that can seamlessly blend into your gaming universe. From extraplanar creatures from “Path of the Planebreaker” to quirky fey from “We Are All Mad Here,” these characters can easily be integrated into different campaigns with no kitbashing required.

With the vast number of creatures available, finding the right creature for a particular situation can be a daunting task. This is where the Cypher System Creature Index comes into play. The tool allows users to select a range of appropriate levels, choose one or more vibes that suit their needs, and filter by other optional criteria to narrow down the selection. The Creature Index then provides a list of creatures that fit the specifications, along with information on where to find them, offering an essential prep tool for GMs.

At its launch, the Cypher System Creature Index boasts nearly 600 creatures from over a dozen Cypher System titles, and the number is growing weekly. Monte Cook Games plans to add creatures from every Cypher System title it has published over the course of the summer. This creature index is just the beginning, as the company also disclosed that it is developing a suite of new Cypher System tools.