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Midnight Tower’s Kickstarter Campaign Launches ‘Battle for the Realm Trilogy’ for 5e RPG Enthusiasts

Midnight Tower’s Kickstarter Campaign Launches ‘Battle for the Realm Trilogy’ for 5e RPG Enthusiasts

Midnight Tower, creators of notable role-playing game adventures, has launched a Kickstarter campaign for “Battle for the Realm Trilogy”, the final installment in their Eastern Farraway Adventures series. The campaign has already gained significant momentum, raising $33,150 from 614 backers, surpassing its original goal of $2,371. With 27 days remaining and an end date of February 15, this project is poised to be a significant success.

Five Years in the Making

The Eastern Farraway Adventures series, which began in 2019, reaches its culmination with “Battle for the Realm.” This trilogy is the final book in a campaign series that consists of five books, totaling over 800 pages and 15 linked fantasy adventures, taking characters from level 1 to 15.

Epic Trilogy and Comprehensive Compendium

“Battle for the Realm” contains three epic adventures for 5e systems: “Travelling to Heart of Darkness”, “Three Witches and a Missing Princess”, and “At the Gate to the Abyss.” Additionally, backers will receive “Elsie’s Extensive Planar Guidebook,” featuring unique lore, new monsters, and planar adventuring ideas. The compendium will also include all unlocked stretch goals.

A Rich Campaign World

The adventures in “Battle for the Realm” will take players through a journey to other planes to find twin orbstones and seal ancient portals, bringing balance back to the realm. Players will encounter challenges in the Plane of Shadow, the Feyworld, and face an old nemesis in the Abyss. Designed for characters of level 13 to 15, the adventures also include scalable encounters suitable for levels 1 to 20.

Professional Art and Comprehensive Content

The book, anticipated to be around 160 pages if all stretch goals are unlocked, will feature professional cover art by Alaina Milare and concept art by Daniel Kvasznicza. It will also include over 90 full-color illustrations, detailed NPCs, unique magical items, and high-quality fantasy maps by cartographer Toby Lancaster.

Digital Support for Online Gaming

Recognizing the growing trend of online tabletop gaming, Midnight Tower will include a free VTT pack with tokens, gridless maps, and digital handouts to facilitate online play.

Rewarding Backers

As a special bonus, backers will receive a mention in the book, adding a personal touch to their gaming experience. For those curious about the quality of Midnight Tower’s adventures, the first adventure in the Eastern Farraway Adventures series is available for free download.