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Gloomhaven: Second Edition” Announced by Cephalofair Games, Adding New Depths to the Legendary Board Game

Gloomhaven: Second Edition” Announced by Cephalofair Games, Adding New Depths to the Legendary Board Game

Cephalofair Games, the renowned creator of Gloomhaven, Jaws of the Lion, and Frosthaven, is thrilled to unveil its latest release, “Gloomhaven: Second Edition.” This grand announcement precedes their most ambitious crowdfunding campaign yet, which will debut on BackerKit on June 20th, featuring “Gloomhaven: The Role Playing Game” and the new Miniatures of Gloomhaven line.

“Gloomhaven: Second Edition” is the reinvented and enhanced version of the award-winning original Gloomhaven game. Isaac Childres, the visionary behind Cephalofair Games, and his expanding team have utilized all they’ve learned since the initial release of Gloomhaven, taking into account community feedback, playtesters’ insights, and contributions from co-designers and developers. This new edition promises to offer the definitive Gloomhaven experience.

Although the core components such as the world, storyline, and challenging gameplay remain unchanged, the new edition offers an abundance of added content. Veteran Gloomhaven players will find a reimagined game with rebalanced mercenary classes, redesigned items and scenarios, fresh artwork, an updated narrative and events, enhanced miniatures, and a novel faction-based reputation system.

For those unfamiliar with Gloomhaven or have only played Jaws of the Lion, this Second Edition presents an excellent opportunity to embark on an epic adventure. On the other hand, experienced players will enjoy revisiting the iconic game, exploring the updates, delving deeper into the game world, and uncovering new secrets.

Isaac Childres, founder of Cephalofair Games, stated: “Gloomhaven is well-loved, but perfection is an ongoing pursuit. I’m excited to refine this incredible game further, polishing and enhancing content based on what the team and I have learned over the past six years from fans’ feedback and our gameplay experiences. This new edition will be even more fantastic.”

Project Leads for Gloomhaven: Second Edition, Drew Penn and Dennis Vögele, added: “Drew and I have spent the last six years absorbing the community’s feedback on all of the Gloomhaven games, so we had a clear vision for this project. We hope you enjoy playing Gloomhaven: Second Edition as much as we relished working on it.”

The Second Edition of Gloomhaven will also be featured during the upcoming BackerKit campaign, demonstrating the diverse capabilities of BackerKit in facilitating this sprawling crowdfunding project.

Art/Creative Director at Cephalofair Games, BJ Hensley, expressed her delight: “I’m thrilled to be working with such talented artists to bring the imaginative world of Gloomhaven to life, both in the board game and the RPG. Through our combined efforts, we hope to inspire a new generation of Gloomhaven fans.”

Maxwell Salzberg, CEO of BackerKit, expressed his enthusiasm for the partnership: “Cephalofair’s newest project promises to elevate the Gloomhaven experience with a thrilling combination of immersive role-playing and intricately designed miniatures. We’re confident that both veteran fans and newcomers alike will be blown away by this remarkable gaming adventure. It’s a privilege for us to be part of this inspiring journey.”

In addition to providing a fresh take on the Gloomhaven board game, this updated edition comes with an array of new components, tiles, and encounters as “Gloomhaven: The Role Playing Game” makes its debut. The game and its comprehensive contents will serve as a rich toolset for Gloom Masters and roleplayers looking to extend their Gloomhaven journey through the RPG