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Games Workshop Previews Blood Tithe Points for 40k

Games Workshop Previews Blood Tithe Points for 40k

“Blood for the Blood God!” We all know the rallying cry. But, did you know that in exchange for the blood, you can get great rewards. It’s like saving boxtops or Betty Crocker points, but… y’know… blood. Get a look at how it works in this preview of the upcoming World Eaters Codex for 40k.

From the article:

Khorne is about to be a very happy blood god indeed as the World Eaters hit the ground running* this week. So happy, in fact, that he’s doling out some extra-special abilities – such as Angron’s newfound resistance to banishment – with more to come should his followers offer up a sufficient Blood Tithe

This new army ability rewards World Eaters warbands for every drop of blood spilled in Khorne’s name, whether it belongs to them or their enemies. So long as warriors are shuffling off the mortal coil, the Blood God is content, and his bounty of Blood Tithe Points (BTP) can be spent powering up your remaining units.