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Games Workshop Posts Warhammer: Old World Design Diary

Games Workshop Posts Warhammer: Old World Design Diary

Age of Sigmar was a huge change to the fantasy game system that Games Workshop put out. But back in 2019, there were hints that the old version of Warhammer Fantasy Battles was in the works. Well, there hasn’t been much, but we’re getting a little design diary about the world that this new version will take place in. So, that’s something.

From the article:

It’s been a while since we made the first cryptic announcement of a return to the Old World in 2019. Many of you have clamoured to know more and now it’s time for Rob Alderman of the Warhammer Studio to explore the gripping setting of Warhammer: The Old World in more detail than ever before.

Rob: We’ve hinted at the unprecedented amount of work that has gone into this new game and its setting. In candlelit secrecy behind the great oaken portcullis doors of the Warhammer Studio, the Old World team has dedicated countless hours to research and playtesting. Our goal was to create a game that captures the best elements of all the editions of Warhammer Fantasy Battle, but at the same time providing new and exciting rules, and fresh challenges to overcome.