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Friday Snippets

Though it's raining here in Atlanta on this Friday the 13th, we're not letting it get us down. GAMA is next week, as well as AdeptiCon. So there's plenty to be looking forward to.

And, of course, there's gaming this weekend. For me, there'll be D&D. What do you have in store?

In this installment of Snippets, we have: More installments of The Fiver from The Meeple Mechanic, Final Week and New Pledge Levels for Fujian Trader, Tabletop-Art Previews Upcoming 32mm Bases, New 10mm modular building range for DZC available from War Mage Games, Oddzial Osmy’s 3mm February Releases Arrive at PicoArmor, New Maori Pa Terrain from Catalyst Creative, Legendary Metal Coins Now Live On Kickstarter, LaserCutCard Stacked Containers Plus Bundle Offer, New Dead Man's Hand 4Ground pre-painted buildings and accessories, and EZPainter Kickstarter updates and Rates news.

The Fiver With Ben Harkins on Co-Designing Vault Wars

Vault Wars

Hey friends, my name is Ben Harkins and you are awesome!

I published my first game design (Legacy: Gears of Time) in 2012, and it’s been a great adventure getting to know all of the fantastic people that make up the tabletop community.

The Fiver with Jonathan Gilmour on Co-Designing Vault Wars

Vault Wars

Hello! I’m Jonathan Gilmour! I reside in Ohio, with my wife and 4 monsters. I like Pina Coladas and taking walks in the Rain. I program robots during the day, and at night when I should be sleeping I design board games.

The first game that I released was a print and play game called Pocket Dungeon. I followed that up with Co-designing Dead of Winter: A Crossroads Game with Isaac Vega. My game that is currently on Kickstarter is Vault Wars, being published by Floodgate Games. I’ve been working on Vault Wars for nearly 3 years, and together with Floodgate on it over the last year. I’d love for readers to back it, because it is a really fun game of bluffing and bidding!

The Fiver with Adam Morgan on Designing Sicilia


Greetings, Adam Morgan here. I’ve been a writer and creative director for the past 20 years at many international advertising agencies. This has given me a wealth of experience in design, publishing, printing, and overall creative ideas. Beyond a successful day job, I’ve been a student of game design—reading books, blogs, and taking university courses on the subject. I’m passionate about great ideas and mechanics, and feel that the theme should be baked into the entire game.

The Fiver with Don Mitchell on Designing Clairvoyance


Hey everyone. I’m Don Mitchell, the head honcho and lead designer of Eye4Games and I hail from the Boston area. By day, I work as a web and iOS programmer helping implement and critique user experience design. By night, I am a game designer who does a little improv on the side.

The Fiver with David Lupo on Designing Addictive Alchemy

Addictive Alchemy

Hi, I am David Lupo. Originally. I am from Michigan, but I’ve been living in Atlanta for the past 9 years. By day I am a software developer, but my real passion is in board games, and designing games. In fact I’ve been doing it since I was in elementary school. Only recently have decided to bring this passion to the public, and it’s really exciting to see how people react to the game’s I’ve built.

Final Week and New Pledge Levels for Fujian Trader

pledge levels

A week to go in the Fujian Trader Kickstarter—we’re almost there but need your help! The prototype board game, based on the rediscovered 17th century Selden Map of China, is a roaring success—playtests, museum exhibitions, reviews in board game publications (check out the newest review from the Escapist) , and over 220 backers to the campaign from around the planet. People see the potential, an Oregon Trail for a globalized world. The game engages young and old, men and women, families and students. It gets players to think about the complex and interconnected history of East Asia. We believe that this is a very important educational tool that belongs in homes and schools, and we're adding two new tiers for donors, Sailor at $5 and Patron at $1800. We want everyone who can to be a part of this mission, and we think together we can all help make that happen. Be a part of unrolling this exceptional map to the world. Tell your friends about us! Come sail with us!

Tabletop-Art Previews Upcoming 32mm Bases

All base sets are gradually expanded with 32mm bases. The first base sets are: Shaleground, Ruins of Sanctuary, Scrap Steel and Meteoric Surface.

New 10mm modular building range for DZC available from War Mage Games

War Mage Games has a new, modular 10mm building range available now.

There are 3 different design styles:
- Sci-Fi
- Art Deco
- Art Nouveau

Features of the buildings:
- modular / stackable, build as high as you want
- different heights available
- ruined versions available
- removable roofs
- designed with the Dropzone Commander square sizes in mind (these are 3 x 3 and 9 x 9 squares large)
- individual engraving possible
-Upgrade options include pre-cut mirrored cardboard windows and 3D-cardboard enhancements

more building types to follow, including 3x4, 3x2 and 2x4 DZC-sized versions.

Oddzial Osmy’s 3mm February Releases Arrive at PicoArmor

PicoArmor (Oddzial Osmy’s exclusive North American distributor) is pleased to announce that Oddzial Osmy’s new 3mm releases are now in stock.

SA-6114 MT-LBM 6MA (15 pcs) - MT-LB with turret from BTR-80

MN-634 T-64BM Bulat (15 pcs) - Ukrainian modernized T-64
MN-635 Arjun Mk I (15 pcs) - Indian MBT

US-692 M548 (15 pcs) - tracked cargo carrier

CH-612 ZBD-04 IFV (15 pcs) - Chinese IFV, armed like BMP-3
CH-613 PLZ-89 SPH (15 pcs) - 122mm SP howitzer
CH-614 Type 63 LT (15 pcs) - amphibious light tank

WWH-6109 Grille Ausf. M (15 pcs) - 15cm infantry gun on Marder Ausf.M chassis

WJA-616 A5M (Claude) (8 pcs) - first monoplane carrier-based fighter

PSF-629 Kontos ACV (15 pcs) - open-topped assault hovercraft

New Maori Pa Terrain from Catalyst Creative

A Maori pa was a fortified settlement with palisades and defensive terraces. In the pre-European period, these were often built on prominent raised ground, especially volcanic hills. The natural slope of the hill was then terraced.

Roly Hermans a New Zealand Veteran war-gamer, For years wanted to have a pa on his wargames table for colonial New Zealand Wars games, but constructing the fencing from pieces of wood was too fiddly and time-consuming, and the results too fragile. Then he came across Printable Scenery …“I discussed with Printable Scenery’s Matt Barker how a model pa needed to work for wargaming. The company was great – I just sent them some drawings and photos and they started showing me 3D prototypes almost the next day.”

Legendary Metal Coins Now Live On Kickstarter


After the preparation of many months, our Kickstarter campaign is up and going. Jump in and discover all the 11 different thematic sets that you can get, to make your favorite games shine.
You can choose any of the available options, such as:
One or more sets of the same or different design.
Customizing the Ideal Set for your game.
Getting a collector's one of each coins.

In the 24 hours our campaign is almost funded so join in to unlock some Stretch Goals!

LaserCutCard Stacked Containers Plus Bundle Offer

We’ve created a new product to round out our container range – stacked containers.
We found that a lot of the time we were stacking the containers on top of one another and someone suggested we do a stacked set (as it would be cheaper than two individual ones).
And so here it is.

$16.95 for the set of stacked containers, and postage anywhere is $2 (the set has two stacks)

Also, we’ve created a bundle deal that is any two of our container sets for $25.50 (postage is $4)
You can mix and match between

- set of 3 standard containers
- set of 2 stacks of containers
- container houses
- container shops
- container site office

New Dead Man's Hand 4Ground pre-painted buildings and accessories

In the store now is Rev. Johnson's Church, newly released from 4Ground, along with a host of other town terrain for the Old West. including picket fences, gravestones and more.

Also in the store are Arab dwellings for many periods (we reckon they'll do the job is Texas or Mexico).

These are available as part of bundle deals in the webstore.

EZPainter Kickstarter updates and Rates news


In their most recent blogpost over on EZPainter Arthur announced that there is just one month left to get miniatures at the flat rate of £5 before the slightly cheaper "special" option dissapears!
Also more updates on the Kickstarter and the dreaded code problem!