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Fantasy Flight Announces New Arkham Horror LCG Designers

Fantasy Flight Announces New Arkham Horror LCG Designers

The Arkham Horror LCG is getting itself a pair of new designers that will helm the ship of the game moving forward. They’re Duke Harrist and Nick Kory and you can get introduced to them in this article about the future of the game.

From the article:

Six years ago, Arkham Horror: The Card Game first hit store shelves, and it brought countless adventures, thrills, and memories for tabletop gamers around the world. Throughout it all, our beloved MJ Newman worked tirelessly to bring the world of Arkham Horror to life in new and exciting ways, constantly one-upping herself with a seemingly boundless supply of ideas. Now, MJ is ready to move onto other projects within FFG, and so it is time for her to pass the torch onto others.

Today, we’d like to take a moment to introduce to everyone the new faces of Arkham Horror: The Card Game! As MJ prepares to switch gears, FFG has brought in Duke Harrist and Nick Kory as our new designers dedicated to the Arkham LCG line. These two were handpicked to carry on Arkham’s legacy, with Duke taking charge as the new lead designer.