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Flurry of Blades: Expand Your Arsenal with Fantasy Flight Games’ Latest Release

Flurry of Blades: Expand Your Arsenal with Fantasy Flight Games’ Latest Release

Fantasy Flight Games has announced the arrival of the Psylocke Hero Pack for Marvel Champions: The Card Game, adding a new playable hero to the game’s roster. Psylocke, also known as Betsy Braddock, is a powerful telepath and skilled martial artist, making her a force to be reckoned with in any battle.

The Psylocke Hero Pack comes with 17 signature cards and introduces Psylocke as a new playable hero. A pre-built Justice deck is included with the pack, making it easy for players to jump into the action right away. Psylocke’s versatile upgrades and unmatched skills make her a psychic powerhouse who can adapt to any situation.

As a hero who relies on her psionics to enhance her combat abilities, Psylocke begins the game with two Psi-Energy upgrades in play. These upgrades can be exhausted to shuffle Psionic cards from her discard pile back into her deck. Each of her Psi-Energy upgrades is two-sided, with the initial side being Psi-Knife, which boosts her THW stat and can generate a “mental” resource. By triggering her Psi-Energy Control ability, Psylocke can flip a Psi-Knife over to its Psi-Katana side, which boosts her ATK, gives her basic attacks piercing, and can function as a resource-generator later.

Psylocke’s kit builds off her Psi-Energy upgrades, with events like Flurry of Blades, Mental Detection, and Psionic Redirect having effects that scale differently depending on how many Psi-Knives versus Psi-Katanas she controls. Her signature ally Angel ensures that she can get multiple uses out of her boosted stats, and her Weapons Training upgrade lets her ready her Psi-Energy upgrades so they can generate resources multiple times in one turn.

Psylocke’s pre-built deck gives her even more options in battle, with offensive potential that reinforces her versatility. Despite using the Justice aspect, her deck packs quite a bit of offensive potential. Players can call on Betsy’s twin brother Captain Britain to help deal with minions and side schemes, then use Psylocke’s Psi-Katanas to help pay for a Concussive Blow on the villain.

With unrivaled flexibility in her signature kit and a skillset that can adapt to any threat, Psylocke is a fantastic addition to any hero team. Look forward to picking up the Psylocke Hero Pack when it releases in September. Fans can pre-order their copy of the Psylocke Hero Pack (MC41en) at their local retailer or online through Fantasy Flight Games’ webstore.