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Day of Moloch Coming This Weekend From Portal Games

Day of Moloch Coming This Weekend From Portal Games

If you’re a Neuroshima Hex player, you know that we’re coming up to a pretty important date. September 5th, 2020, is when Moloch launched a cyberattack on the world. Well, hopefully it won’t actually happen (2020’s already been rough enough), but Portal Games is still celebrating and they want you to join in for a special Neuroshima Hex day this Saturday.

From the announcement:

This weekend we celebrate something special. The Day of Moloch is an amazing opportunity to get know the world of Neuroshima better, get some discounts in our online store and hear the news about upcoming games!

Neuroshima is a post-apocalyptic role-playing game, similar to Mad Max or Fallout, where people fight against machines in the hostile environment after the nuclear war. Neuroshima RPG tells about the times when human civilization came to an end. Moloch, a self-aware computer program triggered World War III, which wiped out most of humanity with machines that man wages the greatest war.

Moloch launched a cybernetic attack and led to a machine revolt on September 5, 2020. That is why on September 5 we celebrate The Day of Moloch, the most important event of the Year of Moloch, in which we announce the premieres and new releases of Portal Games titles set in the Neuroshima universe (like Neuroshima Hex! 3.0).

Grand Opening and Announcements

Ignacy Trzewiczek starts the English part of The Day of Moloch with a number of announcements and opens the pre-orders for our newest titles. It will be especially interesting for our Neuroshima fans because of the latest premiere of the Neuroshima Hex 3.0 Troglodytes expansion.