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Corvus Belli Announces New Infinity Products for May Release

Corvus Belli Announces New Infinity Products for May Release

Corvus Belli, the Spanish tabletop game manufacturer, has announced the release of its new line of Infinity products on May 31st. With a range of options for different armies, gamers can expand their collections with new miniatures and bases to enhance their playing experience.

One of the most exciting releases is the Haqqislam Booster Pack Beta, which includes three miniatures for Haqqislam: one Asawira with Spitfire, one Hortlak Janissary with Submachine Gun, and one Al Fasid with Heavy Rocket Launcher. This is perfect for those who are interested in the New Islam culture that Haqqislam is based on, which emphasizes humanist and scholarly values that reject fundamentalism.

The ALEPH Booster Pack Beta includes three miniatures for ALEPH: one Machaon, Myrmidon Doctor-Officer with Combi Rifle, one Acmon with Combi Rifle and one Makhai with Missile Launcher. ALEPH is the sole Artificial Intelligence that oversees the data network of the Human Sphere, and this booster pack allows gamers to expand their ALEPH collections and add more variety to their army lists.

In addition to the booster packs, there are also new releases for specific armies. For the Yu Jing/Invincible Army, the Húláng Shocktroopers (Submachine Gun) is a blister that includes one Húláng with Submachine Gun and two CrazyKoalas. This heavy infantry trooper will be a key piece in army lists and complete the Yu Jing Invincible Army Starter Pack.

For the Nomads/Jurisdictional Command of Bakunin/Jurisdictional Command of Tunguska, the IMeteor Zond (Boarding Shotgun) is a blister that includes an injected thermoplastic miniature of the Meteor Zond. With its Combat Jump Special Skill, gamers can deploy the Meteor Zond in the middle of enemy lines and expand their hacking area with its Repeater with little risk.

Finally, for the Combined Army/Morat Aggression Forces, the Daturazi Witch Soldiers, Ref. 281626-0998, is a box that includes four miniatures: one Daturazi with Chain Rifle, one Daturazi with Boarding Shotgun, one Daturazi with Combi Rifle, and one Daturazi with DA CCW. This is the perfect complement for Morat Aggression Forces Action Pack and gamers can create a fearsome Fireteam of Daturazis.

To enhance the gaming experience, Corvus Belli has also released three different sizes of unpainted scenic bases with Line of Fire markings exclusively designed for Infinity miniatures. The 25mm Scenery Bases, Gamma Series,the 40mm Scenery Bases, Gamma Series, Ref. 285081-1002, and the 55mm Scenery Bases, Gamma Series will all improve the playability of models.

With these new releases, Infinity gamers can expand their armies and add variety to their gaming experiences. The products will be available for purchase on May 31st, and gamers can download high-quality images and see the full May releases on the Corvus Belli website.