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Epic Reinforcements Arrive in Games Workshop’s Latest Sunday Preview

Epic Reinforcements Arrive in Games Workshop’s Latest Sunday Preview

This week’s Sunday Preview from Games Workshop brings an array of new releases and reinforcements. The spotlight shines brightly on the Solar Auxilia Battle Group and an array of new miniatures for the Horus Heresy, accompanied by a significant expansion for both the Tomb Kings of Khemri and the Kingdom of Bretonnia factions.

A Glimpse into the Solar Auxilia Battle Group

Diving into the Horus Heresy era, the Solar Auxilia Battle Group emerges as a prominent addition. This set introduces 28 meticulously designed miniatures, marking their debut in plastic form. The set features a versatile mix, including a Line Command section led by an Auxilia Troop Master and four Auxilia Veterans, alongside 20 Auxilia infantry armed with las rifles. The inclusion of a Leman Russ Strike Tank, an Aethon Pattern Heavy Sentinel, and a Dracosan Armoured Transport further enriches the tactical options available to players. Accompanying the miniatures, two transfer sheets for infantry and vehicles offer over 150 transfers each, enhancing customization options.

Expanding Arsenal with Dice and Consuls

Adding a touch of style to gameplay, a set of 20 Solar Auxilia dice is also introduced. These dice, featuring a unique pearlescent grey and black swirl pattern, are designed to complement the Solar Auxilia theme. Moreover, the addition of two consul types – the Stormseer and Dark Emissary – brings new strategic dimensions. The Stormseer Consul, drawing from ancient traditions, offers psychic support, while the Dark Emissary Consul stands as a grim enforcer of the Warmaster Horus’s will.

The Old World’s Mighty Returns

The Old World sees its ranks bolstered with the return of the Tomb Kings of Khemri and the Kingdom of Bretonnia. Among the highlights is the Tomb King on Necrolith Bone Dragon, a formidable plastic miniature capable of being assembled with varied howdahs for different riders. Additional returning units include the Skeleton Warriors, Skeleton Horsemen, and Skeleton Chariots in plastic, alongside Prince Apophas, a Necrotect, and a Tomb King on Chariot in metal. Forge World resin sees the remastering of the Tomb Scorpion and Screaming Skull Catapult, promising enhanced buildability and detail.

Bretonnia’s Noble Defenders

The Kingdom of Bretonnia receives a significant boost with the introduction of Knights of the Realm on foot, offering players the option to field these minor nobles in melee combat. A special highlight is the release of a previously unreleased Lord with Great Weapon, a collector’s gem after 13 years. The reboxed Knights of the Realm allow for the assembly of either Knights of the Realm or Knights Errant, catering to different tactical preferences. The return of several metal kits, including the Bretonnian Squires and Questing Knights, alongside the esteemed Green Knight, ensures that the chivalric spirit of Bretonnia remains vibrant on tabletops.