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CMON Expo 2023 Minneapolis Set to Delight Gamers with Special Guests and Exclusive Events

CMON Expo 2023 Minneapolis Set to Delight Gamers with Special Guests and Exclusive Events

The CMON Expo is making its triumphant return to the US this year. Slated for September 15th to 17th, the Gamezenter in Minneapolis will serve as the epicenter of all things CMON.

The three-day event is expected to offer attendees a smorgasbord of gaming experiences. Alongside demos of new and upcoming games, there are sneak peeks, electrifying surprise announcements, and a variety of special events planned. As an added bonus, each attendee will be treated to a gift bag filled with games and accessories worth over $150.

Key highlights attendees can look forward to include:

Special Guest Appearances:

  • Gaming legend, Richard Launius, famed for Arkham Horror, will introduce a brand-new scenario for “Cthulhu: Death May Die”.
  • Elle FireSpray, a renowned miniature painter and Twitch streamer, will showcase her skills by painting CMON miniatures live at the event.
  • Mark and Brittany Maia from the popular Board Game Coffee channel are set to provide entertaining content and commentary throughout the expo.

Gameplay and Special Events:

  • An open play of the CMON library is available throughout the weekend.
  • Gamers can enjoy demos of upcoming titles such as “Metal Gear Solid: The Board Game”, “Stranger Things: Upside Down”, “Mordred”, and “Marvel Zombies – A Zombicide Game”.
  • A high-octane “Marvel United: Civil War” tournament will be hosted, introducing the new VS mode to the Marvel United system.
  • The CMON Expo will also house the “A Song of Ice and Fire: Tabletop Miniatures Game Nationals”, where top players from across the continent will compete for ultimate glory.
  • The “Zombicide Experience” presents a special “Undead or Alive” event, setting players against the undead horde in Boot Hill.

As more activities and guest announcements are still on the horizon, attendees and fans are encouraged to stay tuned to the official CMON Expo website for further updates.

Tickets for the expo are limited in quantity and can be reserved through the official CMON Expo website. With such an action-packed agenda, the CMON Expo 2023 promises to be an unforgettable experience for board game lovers. Don’t miss out on this exceptional gaming event!