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Limitless Heroics RPG Supplement Up On Kickstarter

Limitless Heroics RPG Supplement Up On Kickstarter

When the fate of the multiverse is on the line, heroes will overcome any obstacle in order to save the day. That’s the idea behind Limitless Heroics. So what if someone has a disability? That’s not going to stop them from being everything they can be. The new RPG supplement is up on Kickstarter now.

From the campaign:

When you play a tabletop role-playing game like 5e, you want to be the hero. The world is different for you having been there, better. What if you could make the real world better by playing an RPG?! That’s what Limitless Heroics is all about.

Limitless Heroics is the most comprehensive disability compendium ever created for a Tabletop Role-Playing Game. 

For Fifth Edition, it provides:

  •  450+ Traits: Game mechanics for nearly every condition or trait in existence (plus some fantasy traits, because that’s what you should expect in a world with magic) with 4 Severity Degrees, and 6 Frequencies. With 1–6 traits per character (or more), that’s 64,800+ combinations with the option to add more. (Free Sample Trait: Blindness)
  •  78 Random tables to choose or generate the traits, their degree of severity, and their frequency (Get a free ashcan sample with all the tables from the book.)
  •  93+ New Magic Items and an online random generator for thousands more! Nearly every trait includes mundane and magic assistive options. (Free Sample Assistive Magic Item: Braces of Blades) (NOTE: Since we hit our first stretch goal, this has increased to 113+ New Magic Items!) 
  •  4 New Monster Stat Blocks because sometimes, the disability or assistive device is a creature.
  •  3 New Spells because sometimes, assistance comes from a spellbook
  •  Thousands of real world examples so players can learn more and better represent the traits
  •  Tutorials: Opening articles discuss how and why to implement these options, how to discuss it with your players, and common tropes to avoid. You have all the tools here to run an inclusive campaign. 

Our website will have a free random generator to simplify determining character traits, but you’ll need the book for the descriptions and mechanics, or you can use the included tables to choose or roll manually.

The campaign’s more than 5x funded with 10 days left to go.