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Sundered Isles Kickstarter Campaign Surpasses Expectations

Sundered Isles Kickstarter Campaign Surpasses Expectations

Tomkin Press has initiated a Kickstarter campaign for “Sundered Isles,” an expansion to the Ironsworn: Starforged tabletop role-playing game, achieving remarkable success. The campaign quickly exceeded its funding goal of $12,500, securing $128,045 in pledges from 2,582 backers, with 16 days remaining until its conclusion on April 5.

The expansion introduces players to a new setting inspired by the Age of Sail, expanding the Ironsworn universe into a realm filled with adventure on the high seas. Sundered Isles enriches the Starforged experience with additional gameplay mechanics, character options, worldbuilding exercises, and a variety of tools and random generators tailored for a fantasy Age of Sail setting.

The narrative of Sundered Isles revolves around exploring distant ports, engaging in naval battles, and uncovering ancient secrets, allowing players to gradually gain command over a ship and crew to face various challenges.

Essential Expansion Details

For effective use, Sundered Isles requires the Starforged rulebook or familiarity with its content, as it builds directly on the foundations set by the Starforged system—a sci-fi continuation of the Ironsworn tabletop role-playing game known for supporting solo, co-op, and guided play styles.

This Kickstarter campaign also highlights the second printing of the Starforged Deluxe Edition rulebook, available to backers alongside the new expansion. The campaign aims to attract both existing fans of Starforged and newcomers by offering both digital and physical editions of the game at special Kickstarter prices.

Campaign Features and Offerings

Sundered Isles introduces over 55 new character assets, such as Sorcerer, Pirate Captain, and Swashbuckler, enhancing the character-building process with additional flexibility and variety. The campaign includes the Sundered Isles Guidebook and Asset Deck, designed to complement existing Starforged materials.

The guidebook, intended for a broad audience, includes system-agnostic generators and tables, useful for a variety of seafaring campaigns. It’s designed for easy reference, featuring a lay-flat wirebound format and extensive content that includes setting information, adventure guidelines, and world-building tools.

Cursed Die Mechanic

A notable addition to the game mechanics is the cursed die, introducing supernatural elements to the gameplay. This mechanic allows for unexpected twists during adventures, emphasizing the mysterious and eerie aspects of the Sundered Isles setting.

With the campaign still open for contributions, Tomkin Press aims to deliver the digital edition of Sundered Isles to backers shortly after its conclusion, with physical rewards to follow.