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Paizo Features New Character Options in Near Space

Paizo Features New Character Options in Near Space

In order to show off some more of the new character options that are in the Near Space book for Starfinder that’s out, Paizo likes to put together a character that uses some of them. That way, instead of just getting a bit of a rule without much context, you can see how it fits into an actually-build character. In this case, we get a look at Daytenna Flass, a new NPC also from the book.

From the post:

Starfinder Near Space released last month, and to show off some of the new character options available in the book, we present Daytenna Flass, an NPC witchwarper that you can use in your Starfinder campaigns. Among her many abilities, Daytenna utilizes an alternate damai racial trait, the mediator archetype, a new damai-themed witchwarper paradigm shift, and some new witchwarper spells, all from Near Space. While NPCs don’t normally use themes, we’ve given Daytenna the bureaucrat theme to give you a sneak peek at one of the new themes from the book as well. In addition, we offer a brief look at Daytenna’s home world, the colossi-infested Daimalko, which is fully detailed in Near Space.

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