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Year 2021

Sure, Blue Oyster Cult told you to not fear the Reaper. However, that's a lot easier said than done when you're out on the Godtear battlefield. Steamforged Games has started taking pre-orders for Styx
This month will see a titanic change in Privateer Press' kaiju battle game, Monsterpocalypse. If you're looking to see what some of those changes are, Privateer has posted an article talking about som
Shots are getting into arms and so getting together to hang out and paint minis with your friends is actually on the horizon. And when you get together to paint, you'll need a mini to paint. That's wh
The Soulblight Gravelords (or, as I see them, the Vampire Counts) are getting a new book and releases soon for Age of Sigmar. Want to know what these undead will do on the tabletop? We get a preview o
I just got a big assignment, so it's going to be a rather busy week. But that also means it's going to be a fast one (more than likely). I'm going to need something good to listen to while I do all th
The Slaughterhouse is the new Gargantuan Warbeast that's coming for the Grymkin in Warmachine and Hordes. Privateer Press has started taking orders for this new, huge figure. They've also posted up a
Arguably the biggest announcement from last week's Warhammer Fest is that Age of Sigmar is getting itself a new edition. But what sort of changes can you expect? Well, Games Workshop has a quartet of
Do you like beans? Do you like George Wendt? Would you play D&D with George Wendt? Do you eat beans while playing as George Wendt in a D&D game? Do you eat beans while playing D&D with Geo
The public beta playtest for Mantic's new edition of their Firefight rules set is still ongoing. They've been getting lots of feedback and so have been making changes. They've got a new set of rules f
A bunch of new Sisters of Battle figures are coming soon for 40k. That includes some that have themselves some pretty nifty exo-suits. That includes Morvenn Vahl. Why just walk into battle when you ca
With everything else going on with GW, you might've almost missed that they've got new pre-releases coming this weekend, as usual. Mostly, it's undead vampire counts figures. But they do sneak in a &l
The next PaizoCon is coming soon. They're getting to be old hat at this, which is nice. If you're wanting to join in, you may be wondering just what there will be to do during the show. That's where t
Mantic Games has started taking pre-orders for several new Kings of War kits over in their webshop. Want to ride a dragon into battle? Harness the power of air? Or recruit some hulking Ogres to your a
Games Workshop had plenty to show off last week during Warhammer Fest. And apparently, all the 40k previews were too much for just one day. So, while the Sisters of Battle got the majority the first d
Big release week again for TTCombat. There's a bunch of new wrestlers for Rumbleslam. They've also got 5 new terrain kits that you can pick up. Head over and check them all out.
Raise your banners high. A new champion box for Godtear is available to order from Steamforged Games. It's the Helena, the Inspiration of Hope set. You can head over and get yours ready to ship to you
Want to see what's coming out for Infinity next month? I'm sure you do. I did. And Corvus Belli is giving us just that look as they've posted a gallery of releases. Have yourselves a look.
It's most a trio of games that's got new pre-orders up over on the Games Workshop website. First off, there's the new Necromunda 2-player starter set. But there's also the new Ork gang for Warhammer U
As always, One Page Rules' posts are full of stuff, even if the intro is like, "This'll just be a quick one." That means it's only like 15 new things, as opposed to 150. They've got campaign rules for
Age of Sigmar is getting an update. Games Workshop, as part of last week's Warhammer Fest Online, has announced that the fantasy miniatures game is getting itself a new edition. What will this new ver
There's a lot that can go wrong in space. One moment, you're in a stable orbit. The next and you're hurtling towards Earth. And that's where you find yourself in Stationfall, a new board game that's u
Even in a fantasy world, apocalypses happen. There are those that survive them simply through grit and determination. And when they get back to society, they're sought out for their strength and tough
The West Germans are the newest sets to come out for Team Yankee, the minis game about an alternate world where WWIII is going on in the plains of Europe. They've got a new starter set that Battlefron
A new set of wrestlers is looking to get in the Rumbleslam ring. These new figures will be hitting shelves soon, so head on over and see what they're capable of.
I've mentioned it all week, but this one really did seem to go by quick. As always, that's not a complaint. I'm always ready for the weekend. Gonna either be a relaxed one where I don't do much of any