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Year 2021

Now this one just looks cool. If you're interested in mechanical engineering and how machines work, especially different sets of interconnected gears, you'll want to check out Spintronics. It's a new
ADELE (not to be confused with the singer) is a new sci-fi board game up on Kickstarter. One of the things with AI some scientists worry about is that the computers might realize that us humans aren't
It's getting into late spring here in the Northern Hemisphere. It's a perfect time to get some new plants, head out into the garden, and get them going. Chief among them are flowers, with the Victoria
In tales of old from the sea, sailors would spin yarns about massive krakens rising up from the deep to attack their ships. And while giant squids do exist, they weren't really a threat to a ship of a
It's a Friday. But not just any Friday, but a 3-day weekend Friday. My calendar is clear. I am just going to lay back, lounge, and relax. I really could use it after the week I had. It wasn't bad, jus
With PaizoCon happening this weekend, Paizo is also running themselves a special sale over on their website. You can save some money on pretty much everything they've got available. Save yourself some
The new Bagration: Axis-Allies book for Flames of War takes a look at all the other countries that fought on the Eastern Front during that campaign besides the Germans and Soviets. It was a World War,
One of the biggest threats to the entire Marvel universe, the Mad Titan, Thanos, is looking to collect all the gems of the Infinity Gauntlet. It's up to the universe's heroes to stop him. And that's w
This weekend, the new Chapter Approved books for 40k go up for pre-sale on the GW website. However, you can already get one of the big things from inside: the new points totals guide. We get a look at
Today's the first day of PaizoCon Online. Want to know what's happening when? Well, Paizo's posted up a handy schedule of events. Just be online at the right time and in the right URL and you're ready
"I'll sleep when I'm dead." It's a phrase said by many who like to burn the candle at both ends in life. Well, in Necrobiotic, even death won't let you sleep. The dead are turned into machines able to
More cats! More islands! Kittens! Beasts! It's all there in the Kickstarter campaign to bring you more expansions for The Isle of Cats, which is running now. Want to go save cats stranded on some isla
Sure, building your own robot pal is pretty fun and all, but what's even more fun is looking to see who's built the toughest bot on the block! That's what you'll be trying to find out in Robot Quest A
Look... we all know those people. Or, hell, you might be one of them. The person that just HAS to be right and correct everyone and everything around them (lord knows I've had some of y'all in the com
Toss a coin to your Witcher, oh, gamers of plenty. Oh, gamers of plenty. Well, apparently, y'all have done just that. The Kickstarter campaign for The Witcher: Old World is tearing up the charts. Head
Imprisoned for crimes that you (maybe, possibly... sure, definitely) didn't commit, you're looking to get out of the notorious Kulbak prison. And a hidden passage is just your ticket out. But it's a l
In the Pacific during WWII, the war was vastly different from those on the fields of Europe. It was sailors and pilots that did much of the fighting, with little solid ground for the army to fight on.
The Jwar isles are steeped in magic and mysticism. Those that can tap into the spirit realm can wield great power. And that's just what the witches of Yurie do. You can get a look at their Yuta of Yur
The next episode in the Detective line of games from Portal Games, Vienna Connection, is now available. Not everything is beer gardens and sausages along the Danube. Head in there and partake in some
Grab your gear. Prep your spells. Maybe procure a potion or two. Team up with your fellow adventurers and head into the deep down dark deep down in Quests: Heroes of Sorcado, a new cooperative fantasy
Family. Legacies. Generations. What we do now has an effect on who will come after us, just as seemingly innocuous things your ancestors did had an effect on you, without you even knowing it. This Wor
I used to love going fishing with my dad. We'd head out to the lake or down onto the river and just have a good day of it. The most exciting was when we'd actually get a bite on our line. However, we
"More!" It's the one thing every gamer can agree that they want when it comes to their RPGs. And Knock brings you more, for sure. More what? Well, a little bit of everything. Encounters, random tables
If you're looking for a new pre-made adventure to add to your library so you can just grab it and get playing whenever you need, you might want to check out Jungle Tomb of the Mummy Bride. It's a new
Halfway through the week already? Sheesh. It's just flying on by. And, once more, that's not a complaint, as it wouldn't be any regular week. But this is also a 3-day weekend. So, that's got me extra-