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TGN Review: Iconic Blue 2 Dice Set From Kraken Dice

TGN Review: Iconic Blue 2 Dice Set From Kraken Dice

That’s my honest belief. I mean… I guess if you’re not able to feed or clothe yourself, but you’re buying more dice, that might be too many, but until you reach that point, you can never have enough. A couple months back, people were talking about a website that’ll show you exactly how much money you’d spent on Steam over the years. They were lamenting the thousands of dollars they’d spent. I don’t have a Steam account… but I do have bags and bags and bags of dice. One company I’ve been following a lot lately has been Kraken Dice (I’m sure you’ve all probably noticed). Well, waaaaaay back, I got their Iconic Blue 1 set, one of their first limited edition sets. Well, I just got my Iconic Blue 2 set. And since I did a review of IB1, let’s do a review of IB2.

So, it’s time for another TGN Review. This time, it’s Iconic Blue 2 from Kraken Dice.

When it comes to dice, I have two requirements:
1. They are a moderately fair random number generator.
2. They are easy to read.

In terms of 1, these dice work just fine. Rolled the dice a bunch of times and no one number or side seemed to be coming out more than others. Sure, you roll something like a 2 and an 8, but then a 19 comes up and it’s like, “ah, there we go.” Same with the other dice in the set. These dice also seem to have a really good “bounce” to them. I did just a general “toss” of the dice out onto my table, and man, some of the dice went all the way across the table. I might recommend a die box for these fellas. So, overall, they get a pass.

In terms of 2, … Eeeeeeeeh. So, as I said, these are the second version of the Iconic Blue set. The first ones had gold numbers on the teal dice face. IB2 went for silver. Which, I will admit, might look better aesthetically, overall (the gold can be a bit … “garish” maybe with the gold), but they aren’t as easy to read, in my opinion. Now, I don’t want to say that they are hard to read. They can be read just fine, but IB1 was a bit easier, since the colors on it contrasted more.

IB1 also had acrylic tokens on the bags that told you exactly what number die set you had. IB2 has a little charm that you get with pretty much every Kraken Dice set. So… I mean… I hate to say it, but I think IB1 was the better set. I don’t think it’s a fail at all, but it’s just, “well, this set had the bells and whistles, while this one is just fine.” It’s like having a really great movie, and then a sequel that’s still good, but doesn’t quite live up to the original. Bit of a sophomore slump in the Iconic Blue line. There’s been no mention of Iconic Blue 3, but that will be interesting to see.

Iconic Blue 2 was a limited edition set. More are coming soon. But in the meantime, you can check out Kraken Dice‘s website and check out all their great offerings.