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Plaid Hat Games

Plaid Hat Games has another preview up for the upcoming deck for Ashes. This time around, they're once more delving into Lulu's deck. We get a look at a core strategy of the deck, upgrading things and
Plaid Hat Games has one last Phoenix Elves preview for you today. And it seems appropriate that they'd have these particular cards. Can't really have a Phoenix Elves deck without a card called Burn in
<weewoo weewoo weewoo> Giant dragon alert! We have giant dragon alert! I knew I was going to like the Phoenix Elves, even if it's already hot enough here in Atlanta. We get a look at two more ca
Even more previews are up for the upcoming Summoner Wars faction, the Phoenix Elves. Have yourselves a look at the Ember Beast as well as Holleas in this look from Plaid Hat Games.
Phoenix Elves are the next new faction coming for Summoner Wars. As is their custom, Plaid Hat is showing off pairs of cards at a time for their deck. Have a look at two more.
More Phoenixborn are soon to be hitting your tabletop in Ashes from Plaid Hat Games. They've started posting previews of some of the new ones on the way. This time around, it's Lulu and a look inside
Fire! I'll take you to burn! Fire! I'll take you to learn! Learn about the new Phoenix Elves that are coming for Summoner Wars. In this preview, we get a look at the Ember Archers and the Ember Mages.
Some new phoenixborn are making their way back into Ashes from Plaid Hat Games. In this preview, we get a look at Orrick. Sure, he's a kindly, old shepherd, but beware those that would harm his flock.
It's been too long since we had regular Summoner Wars previews. I've missed them, at least. But, thankfully, we've got some more as Plaid Hat Games has some new releases coming. In this case, we get t
Four new Guardians are making their way to your tabletops in, well, Guardians by Plaid Hat Games. The new Retribution Hero Pack is available now. Get yourself Jupiter, Ryker, Therion, and Warhead to a
When you've got a card game, you need to make sure that the cards are all identical in size and coloration so that some don't stand out from others. Unfortunately, that has happened with a batch of As
Plaid Hat Games has more Ashes Reborn decks in the works. These are two that they had out previously but are getting that "new edition sheen" applied to them with some updates and tweaks. Have yoursel
While places are starting to get kinda back to normal, a little bit, there's still a lot that's still happening because of the pandemic. That includes issues with shipping and delivery. And that's why
So, you've got your Ashes Reborn decks in-hand and have been enjoying them (presumably), but what's next? And is there going to be OP for the game? Well, if you have those questions, then this update
Plaid Hat Games is having a sale to make room for all the new games they've got coming in. If you want to get some of their older titles at an incredibly price, head on over and grab yourself some gam
All good things must come to an end. Such is the case with the Vanguard previews for Summoner Wars. Head on over and check out some more of the healing power that the faction has within their deck.
The Vanguard help their own. In battle, they have several units devoted to keeping the rest of their forces in tip-top shape. We get a look at these healers for their Summoner Wars deck in this previe
Another day, another Summoner Wars preview from Plaid Hat Games. We get a look at another couple Vanguards cards from their deck. This time around, it's some elites as we get a look at an Champion uni
Plaid Hat Games continues to roll along with their Summoner Wars previews. The Vanguards had some archers shown off the other day. Today, it's a pair of units that like to get a bit more up close and
Taking out foes at a distance can be a safe bet in a battle. Raining arrows down on an opponent can keep your own troops safe from harm. And the Vanguards in Summoner Wars certainly have some archers
Another day, another Summoner Wars preview. Plaid Hat is starting up with a new faction's cards in this one. You can head over and check out the start of the Vanguards now.
All good things must come to an end. This is the final preview for the Polar Dwarves for the upcoming Summoner Wars releases. However, it's not the final curtain, as there's yet another faction to che
It's time for your daily preview of the upcoming Summoner Wars decks with another look inside the one for the Polar Dwarves. This time around, we get a look at a Champion Unit as well as a Standard Ev
It's an eventful preview for Summoner Wars this time around, literally. We get a look at two new Events for the Polar Dwarves deck.
I knew it was coming eventually. Pretty much any faction that's based in the polar regions will eventually get a bear cavalry unit. And that's what we get a look at in this preview for the Polar Dwarv