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You get a demonic-looking elephant-thing with tons of extra tusks on it. I mean, do you really need to know more? Yes? Well... then head over through the link and check out some more of the cards comi
We're going under the sea... under the sea once more for another preview of the upcoming The Ocean's Guard deck that's coming soon for Ashes Reborn. You can have a shark!
Hickory Dickory Doc. The mouse ran up the clock. And then it went around the clock, looking for items during the great scavenger hunt! What? Don't remember that part of the nursery rhyme? Well, Plaid
The Champions of a force are really what can cause breaks in the enemy lines and secure victory for a faction. In this final preview for the Fungal Dwarves for Summoner Wars, we get a look at three of
The other Ashes Reborn deck coming out soon is The Ocean's Guard. Get a look at a quartet of new cards coming in it in this preview. Also, anyone else think that that crab looks like it's wearing a wi
Ashes Reborn is getting a pair of decks for it soon. One is the Scholar of Ruin. In this preview, we get a look at an ally, plus a pair of spells that the Scholar can ruin their opponent's day with.
It's a big event over at Plaid Hat Games as they're showing off events from the upcoming Fungal Dwarves deck for Summoner Wars. Want to know what these underground dwellers get up to? Check 'em out be
The Fungal Dwarves are another new faction coming for Summoner Wars. We've seen a couple cards from them, but it's time to check out another pair. Rather magic-infused, these ones are. Have a look-see
Plaid Hat Games might have showed us everything they're going to for the Eternal Council, but they're not done with Summoner Wars previews just yet. The next faction is also on the horizon and they're
We're halfway through July. Seems like a good time for a July update from Plaid Hat Games. Much of it focuses around the upcoming Gen Con and the events and goodies they'll have in Indy for the show.
The final preview for the upcoming Eternal Council deck for Summoner Wars doesn't just give us a look at two cards, but three. All of whom look like they could make great NPCs for the RPG I'm in... An
Another new deck coming soon from Plaid Hat Games for Ashes Reborn is The Scholar of Ruin. We get a look at 5 cards from this upcoming set in the first in a series of previews for the deck.
Third preview time for the upcoming Eternal Council deck for Summoner Wars. And since we've got a 3-thing going, Plaid Hat is showing off 3 new cards. Have a look for yourself.
Under the sea... under the sea... That's now stuck in your head. It's also where we're headed in this Ashes Reborn preview from Plaid Hat Games. Get a look at the The Ocean's Guard deck with some of t
Another day, another couple cards from the upcoming Eternal Council deck for Summoner Wars. Check out the Ancient Scholar and the Mind Knight in today's article.
The Eternal Council was announced not long ago for Summoner Wars. But what are their cards like? What can they do? We get a look at 2 such cards in this preview. It's the first in a series, so stay tu
I know, the featured image makes it look like Gen Con will be in June. That's not what it means. It's the June update from Plaid Hat and they're pleased to announce that they're heading to Gen Con lat
The folks over at Plaid Hat Games want to make sure everyone's on the same page when it comes to questions in Ashes Reborn. As such, they've got a new version of the game's FAQ up that you can downloa
Who's ready for another event? Plaid Hat Games is. They've announced AshCon 2. Head over to check out the details. We're just under a week away from the launch.
Yesterday, it was two new Summoner Wars decks. Today, it's two new Ashes Reborn decks. And, like yesterday, we get a look at a pair of cards for both. Check out The Ocean's Guard and The Scholar of Ru
Not just one, but two factions are coming soon for Summoner Wars. They're the Fungal Dwarves and the Eternal Council. We get a look at a pair of cards for each faction in this first of the previews fo
Plaid Hat Games has a bunch of new decks available for you. They've got new expansions for both Summoner Wars and Ashes Reborn available now. Head over and get your new decks now.
The final preview of the new Artist of Dreams deck for Ashes Reborn is upon us. "I like sleep, but I hate dreaming. When you sleep, you're supposed to relax, but suddenly, I've got to build a go-kart
Quirky Circuits is getting a new expansion. And while it's getting further from potential snow days here in Atlanta, that doesn't mean one couldn't still show up. Have another look inside Penny &
Last, but certainly not least, in the previews for the new Cloaks faction for Summoner Wars, we get a look at their Champions with a preview of 3 of their upcoming cards. Let's finish out strong and s