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Plaid Hat Games Posts Neon Gods Preview

In the not-so-distant future, gangs have taken over the brightly-colored night. As a Gang Leader, you want to make sure you get the best recruits so your gang comes out on top. However, every gang's gotta start somewhere. In this preview for Neon Gods, Plaid Hat Games gives us a look at your starting gang and where they might be able to take you.

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Plaid Hat Games Announces Fire Clan for Crystal Clans

It's starting to cool off outside. And I know a lot of people are thinking of starting up bonfires and celebrating. The Fire Clan takes the idea of celebrating around a campfire to the extreme. They're the next clan coming out for Crystal Clans, and Plaid Hat is showing off the first couple cards for this new faction.

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Plaid Hat Games Previews Harbinger & Kosi From Guardians

In Guardians, a new tactical card game coming from Plaid Hat Games, players take on the role of a unique Guardian. Each one with their own styalized gear and moves. Before the game hits shelves, PHG's giving us a look at all of the different heroes so you can know when the game gets to your tabletop which Guardian is yours. This week, we get a look at Harbinger and Kosi.

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Plaid Hat Games Posts New Gen7 Preview

If mankind wants to colonize distant worlds, it's going to take time. In lieu of some sort of hypersleep technology, there's going to be generations of people between those that left the Earth and those that arrive at the new destination. Gen7 puts you in the shoes of a group of people who only know of the Earth through history books, and will never make it to the new planet to colonize. Plaid Hat Games has posted up a new preview, talking about what that mindset must be like.

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Review Roundup

Woooooo! Saturdaaaaaaaaaaaay!

I started my weekend off with some D&D, and that's actually what I'm doing again now (through the miracle of future-scheduling posts). But no matter what you're doing, I know you're here to check out some reviews. So, while my Bard is hopefully not getting stabbed to death, let's see what we've got this week.

We have: Starship Samurai, Tofu Kingdom, Detective: A Modern Crime Board Game, My First Stone Age, Fae, Duhr: The Lesser Houses, HOPE, Dwarves with Swords, and Hero Master.

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Plaid Hat Games Announces Starship Samurai: Shattered Alliances Expansion

We've got another giant robot alert, everyone! Please try and stay calm! Plaid Hat Games has announced a new expansion for Starship Samurai, their spacefaring giant robot game. In this case, it's Shattered Alliances and it brings two new giant robots to the game. Along with the pair of new figures, there's also 40 new action cards that any player can use to trade out in their decks. Customization is key.

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Plaid Hat Games Previews Locations In Guardians

Any good commander or military person will tell you how important knowing the terrain is during a battle. If your opponent knows the lay of the land or the floorplan of a building and you don't, you're going to be at a distinct disadvantage. So that's why knowing the battlefield is crucial. In this preview of the upcoming Guardians card game, Plaid Hat Games gives us a look at the Locations cards and how they affect the fight.

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Plaid Hat Games Announces Gen7

Many of you out there have played Dead of Winter and loved it. You're hungry for more! Well, while it's not another Dead of Winter expansion, Plaid Hat Games has announced what amounts to its spiritual successor. It's called Gen7, and it puts players on board a space ark as it heads across the galaxy. However, about halfway through the trip, things aren't going entirely right. But what's the actual issue and how can it be solved? That's up to the players to decide.

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