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Plaid Hat Games

Tuesday. We're into the meaty center part of the work week. I hope your Monday back after the weekend was alright. Hopefully your pets, if you have them, are calming down from all the explosions going
Tuesday. The work week is well underway. Oh, and I've forgotten to mention that we recently made it into a new season as well. Yes, it's officially summertime here in the north and wintertime down in
Yarr arr yarr! I loddie the hotpants!If you're looking to hit the high seas and engage in some swashbuckling action in Forgotten Waters, Plaid Hat Game's latest release, you can do so now. There had b
These days, most of us aren't able to go out and game with our friends. We're in our own homes. But that doesn't mean you only can game with those also in the same location. Thanks to the internet, we
Tuesday. The work week is good and underway. We've got the engine started on Monday. Time to keep it running on all cylinders into Tuesday. As always, I'm ready to get back to that sweet, sweet weeken
With the COVID-19 pandemic still going on, it's been sometimes difficult to know when new games are going to be available. All sorts of production and shipping schedules have been thrown into chaos. W
Some of you lucky gamers out there were able to pick up Forgotten Waters directly from Plaid Hat Games. But even if you didn't and you simply want to know how the game works and maybe some insight int
It's happening everywhere. It's just a sign of the times (going forward in reverse?). Games are having their release dates pushed back. Plaid Hat Games was hoping to avoid it, but that doesn't look li
Yes, you need maps of the ocean. No, they aren't simply formless, water-filled deserts. If you're going to get from place to place, you need a map so you can know where you're going. In this preview f
When you get a game, of course you want to know what's inside it. You can leave that up to finding out when you get it, but you might want to know ahead of time. Well, if you're wanting to know what's
Planning. Thinking ahead. Knowing what you're going to do. It's important in many situations, but vital right now. It's also going to be a major part of the upcoming Forgotten Waters game from Plaid H
Since many game nights have been cancelled as we're not supposed to get all that close to one-another, many people are turning to online ways to play their favorite games. I played D&D via Roll20
So, that previous article was an introduction to the Forgotten Waters App and how it will integrate with the game. In this preview, it's a more direct look at the app and actually how it looks and wor
While most of us are hanging out at home, it's good to still have some of our normal routines in there. It's time to focus on things we care about the most, and for many of us, that list includes not
We're not supposed to go out. So, most of us are stuck at home. If you have a family that also games, you're in luck. If you live alone or your family/roommates aren't gamers, it can make things a lit
Forgotten Waters, the upcoming storybook game from Plaid Hat Games, has an app that goes along with it. But how will it integrate with the gameplay? Is it require? What can you expect from it? You've
Everyone on a ship has a job to do. Swab the deck. Hoist the misenmast. Cook. Clean. Steer the darn thing. In Forgotten Waters, everyone will also have their job. But how will they work in the game? T
Yarr arr yarr. I loddie the hotpants.
Plaid Hat Games is once more independent, coming out from under the Asmodee umbrella. A lot of their games have stayed at different Asmodee companies, including Fantasy Flight and Z-Man. So, where doe
Try as we might, sometimes, we make a mistake. It's the same for me as it is for you as it is for the person putting your game together in the factory. Or maybe something gets broken in shipping. We'v
A picture is worth a thousand words. So, a video must be worth all that much more. If you're interested in Plaid Hat Games' latest upcoming release, Forgotten Waters, you're in luck, as they just said
Bit of a shuffle going on when it comes to where you can find some of your favorite games. Plaid Hat Games has once more become independant, the deal being negotiated by Colby Dauch to once more take
Coming out of their winter hibernation, Plaid Hat Games has a new game announcement for us. Forgotten Waters puts players in the role of pirates sailing the open seas. Of course, being part of a crew,

Tokyo Jutaku: Architecture Game
Aftermath is Plaid Hat Games' upcoming Adventure Book Game. So... like, you know you get an adventure book. But what else comes in the box? Probably some minis and cards and stuff, right? Well, let th
Strong and Resilient aren't usually terms used when describing Guinea Pigs. But that's for us here in the regular world. In the world of Aftermath, after the Calamity, things are a bit different. Grum