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Board Games

The OPGames is bringing some spookiness to your summer (or winter, if you're down south of the equator). Just in time for things to start getting spooky, they've released Friday the 13th: Horror at Ca
The Survivors have reunited Bob's family. Unfortunately, the zombie world is harsh and unforgiving, and Bob is now gone. But his family remains, as do a bunch more zombies. How will Bob's Campaign fin
A major new expansion for Twilight Imperium is coming soon from Fantasy Flight. It's called Prophecy of Kings and it will greatly increase your options in games. Starting out there's 7 new factions be
With Gen Con going online, everyone's able to participate in the great deals and specials that companies are running this weekend. Japanime Games is included in that group, and so you can head over an
I'd usually be talking about "if you can't be at Gen Con this year," but nobody can be at Gen Con this year. Or, everybody can be at Gen Con this year, as long as you have an internet connection. As s
One of the things that I enjoyed the most about Gen Con was perusing the dealer's hall, looking for all the great deals, exclusives, and pre-releases that were available at the show. And while I'm not
There's a new edition of a classic board game up on Kickstarter. It's Tutankhamun, and it puts players on the Nile River, looking to collect tiles and score points. This new edition has updated rules
Munchkin Dungeon lets players explore the Munchkin universe in a new way, moving their figures ever downward through the twisting halls of the dungeon board. Tomorrow, there will be a whole bunch of n
It's the Greatest 4 Days in Gaming. It's simply happening in a different location than usual. Where is it happening? Absolutely everywhere you can get online. Portal Games is attending and they've pos
Forbidden Games has launched a Kickstarter campaign for their next game in the popular Raccoon Tycoon board game series. It's called Lizard Wizard and it takes the action and excitement from Raccoon T
For many of us, Ctrl is just a key on your keyboard you rarely use (though I'm using it all the time. As I'm sure many of you that are artists do as well). But now, it's something all of us can use al
The Gold Rush in California brought a huge influx of people, goods, and opportunity to the state. That includes cities like San Francisco, that grew rapidly during the time. In Embarcadero, players ta
So, a new edition of a game you have is coming out. What happens to all the stuff you currently have? It's a question many of us have asked over the years. Will everything just be obsolete now? Will t
Twist away the gates of steel. Unlock the secret voice. Give in to ancient noise. Take a chance a brand new dance. Twist away the gates of steel.Ok, so, these are the Gates of Mara and not the Gates o
I'm guessing I just have to say, "Up, Up..." and many of you finished out the rest of that without even realizing it. If you're like me, growing up with an original Nintendo system, chances are good y
"We'll uh... we'll talk to Bob." The Survivors have found Bob, the worker at the power station. But now his family is missing. Of course, during an apocalypse like this, it's impossible to say what's
Exploring the lands around them is a hallmark of any good civilization. You need to know what's on your borders if you want to expand, create trading partnerships, or even know if you can conquer your
Norse mythology is a rich tapestry of different gods, heroes, adventures, defeats, and predictions of what will happen in the future. Of course, everyone's still looking to carve out their own niche,
Gen Con Online is just around the corner. And, like when the show was in Indy, companies are posting up what they'll have in store. In this case, it's Z-Man Games giving us insights into what you can
First, let's get some appropriate music going. Ok, that's better. Odin has said that he'll let the band that puts on the greatest rock show of all time into Valhalla. So, the battle of the bands is on
Two technology-based expansions are coming for Starcadia Quest tomorrow. Build-A-Robot gives you a bunch of plastic pals who are fun to be with. Meanwhile, in Showdown, the advent of the Hollow Deck h
During the school year at Hogwarts, all the different houses compete with one-another to earn points through good deeds, high academic performance, and winning athletic competitions. In the end, it's
Daimyo: The Rebirth of the Empire is a new board game that's up on Kickstarter now. It incorporates elements of dice drafting, resource management, area control, and more into a rather involved board
The city is filled with superheroes, their sidekicks, and the various villains that are looking to destroy everything. And it's into this world that you find yourself in Tokyo Sidekick, a new cooperat