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Small World of Warcraft Now Availabe In the US

Small World of Warcraft Now Availabe In the US

Zug! Zug! If you’re looking to take over the world of Warcraft in an entirely new way, you can. Days of Wonder’s Small World of Warcraft is now available in the US. Command your small armies and rampage across the land, taking it from any who stand in your way.

From the article:

Today we are pleased to announce the release of Small World of Warcraft board game in the USA, UK, Poland and Scandinavian Countries. To buy your copy, visit your local game store or the Asmodee USA webstore

In Small World of Warcraft, you will be able to choose combinations of special powers and races from the Warcraft universe, such as Portal Mage Pandarens or Herbalist Goblins, and vie for control of Azeroth. To help you achieve your dominance, you will have to occupy legendary terrains and seek control of powerful artifacts. However, all empires must eventually fall. Get ready to defend your territory against other races and lead a new one to rule Azeroth!

Small World of Warcraft is a standalone game designed for 2 to 5 players. It includes 6 double-sided boards, 16 Warcraft Race banners, 182 Matching Race tokens and 15 Murloc tokens, 20 Unique Special Power badges, 5 Player Summary Sheets, 12 Artifact and Legendary place markers, 10 Mountains, 9 Wisp Walls, 4 Harmony tokens, 12 Bombs, 1 Champion, 10 Forts, 2 Military Objectives, 5 Beasts, 6 Watch Towers, 110 Victory coins, 1 Custom Reinforcement die, 1 Game turn track, 1 Game turn marker, one rulebook and one Team Variant Rules sheet.