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Seb Games Unveils Two New Sets: “Assault on Juzo Precinct” and “Battle for Havökkia”

Seb Games Unveils Two New Sets: “Assault on Juzo Precinct” and “Battle for Havökkia”

Seb Games has announced the release of two exciting new sets: the “Assault on Juzo Precinct” Starter Set and the “Battle for Havökkia” Starter Set (10mm version). These sets are now available for pre-order, offering gamers a chance to embark on thrilling adventures in the VOID and Battle Havoc! universes.

The “Assault on Juzo Precinct” Starter Set, priced at £60.00 (£55.00 for pre-orders), is set in the VOID 1.1 universe. In this narrative-driven wargame, players will experience a tense conflict between the VASA defenders and the Syntha forces. The storyline revolves around the capture of a high-ranking Syntha spy, an Omega Biomech, and the subsequent attempt by the Syntha forces to rescue their comrade. The VASA defenders must hold out against the mechanized assault until a relief fleet arrives. The set includes a variety of highly detailed metal miniatures, including the Grand Master of Balance Yamazaki, Suppressors, Shuriken Guards, Assault Androsynths, and Assault Teratosynths. It also comes with rulebooks, dice, bases, and an exclusive Lieutenant Nightshade miniature.

For fans of Battle Havoc!, Seb Games presents the “Battle for Havökkia” Starter Set (10mm version), available for pre-order at £45.00. This set takes players into a brutal world of war and conquest, where the Old Gods and the Prime people clash. The Havökkia range introduces the Rattifolk and Saurisians factions, and players can immerse themselves in the conflict between these ancient races. The set includes a wide array of 10mm metal miniatures, such as Helot Warriors, Rattifolk Monks, Rattifolk General and Wizard, Regular Warriors, Lesser Saurisians, Saurisian Mounted Mage, and Saurisian Hero. Additionally, the BattleBox comes with rulebooks, counters, terrain sheets, a BattleMat, dice, and MDF bases. As a special gift for pre-orders, customers will receive a free miniature of Ratdalf the Grey wizard.

Both sets offer compelling gameplay experiences and provide all the necessary components to dive into their respective game worlds. Seb Games is committed to delivering high-quality miniatures and immersive gaming experiences to its dedicated community of tabletop enthusiasts.

The estimated delivery time for the “Assault on Juzo Precinct” Starter Set is May 2023, while the “Battle for Havökkia” Starter Set is expected to be delivered in July/August 2023.