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Games Workshop Set to Launch New Warcry Starter Sets and Warbands

Games Workshop Set to Launch New Warcry Starter Sets and Warbands

Next week, Warhammer enthusiasts are in for a treat as Games Workshop rolls out new additions to their Warcry line-up. The acclaimed fantasy miniatures company is all set to unveil a brand new starter set, Warcry: Crypt of Blood, along with two new warbands – the Questor Soulsworn and the Royal Beastflayers.

The Crypt of Blood Starter Set provides everything a player needs to kickstart their Warcry adventure. It includes two warbands, the Crimson Court and Xandire’s Truthseekers, fighting over treasures inside a legendary vampire’s tomb. The box comes complete with a game mat, new terrain elements, a Start Here book covering the core rules and missions, fighter and ability cards for both warbands, 18 dice, and a cardboard token board.

For those seeking to add more elite warriors to their collection, the Questor Soulsworn warband is available for pre-order separately. These formidable fighters represent the finest of the Stormcast Eternals, capable of overcoming nearly impossible odds. Included are six warriors, such as the master weaponry Errant-Questor Duellist and the powerful Soulsworn Knight-Relictor.

For the more bloodthirsty, the Royal Beastflayers are also making their debut. This warband, whose heraldry seems to consist of blood, offal, and bone, is as fierce as it is delusional. The group includes a Royal Flaymaster, a Beastflayer Baron, Ghoul Gore-Squires and Trackers, and two simian brutes, the Offal Hounds.

Apart from these exciting game additions, Warhammer fans can also look forward to new merchandise. ATA-BOY, a partner of Games Workshop, has created two lanyards, one for Space Marines enthusiasts and another for Ork fans, while Merchoid has created two Warhammer 40,000 desk mats. The lanyards and desk mats will be available for purchase directly from the Games Workshop webstore and select stores on Saturday, July 29th.

On the literary front, Games Workshop will be releasing “The End and the Death Volume I”, the first part of the final chapter of the epic Horus Heresy series by Dan Abnett, in paperback format. Fans of the Gaunt’s Ghosts series will also have the chance to order four of Dan Abnett’s books via print on demand in hardback format. The order window will be open from Saturday, July 29th to Monday, August 14th.

The week ahead promises excitement and thrills for Warhammer fans as Games Workshop continues to expand and enhance the Warcry universe.