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Sandy Pug Games’ HELLPIERCERS: Tactical Hell-Slaying Action Game Reaches Funding Goal on Kickstarter

Sandy Pug Games’ HELLPIERCERS: Tactical Hell-Slaying Action Game Reaches Funding Goal on Kickstarter

Sandy Pug Games’ HELLPIERCERS Kickstarter campaign has reached its funding goal of $29,000 with 25 days still remaining. The campaign is set to end on April 8, 2023, and backers can look forward to an exciting tactical Hell-slaying action game with base building, overwhelming build options, and map-based strategy.

The game’s backstory is set six years ago in the center of a city on the Moon made of runed brass and arcane ritual, where the Council of Socialist Gnostics perverted the magic of Heaven to tear the fabric of reality and peer into The Pit. They discovered that billions of human souls were trapped in a nightmare of eternal torture and toil in Hell, their soul forms twisted into beasts of burden, weapons, and worse.

The revelation led to The Great Mourning, and humanity came together to assemble the Second Global Congress in Ankara, with three million representatives of every union and collective on Earth unanimously voting to liberate Hell. After five years of preparation, humanity launched an attack on Hell on July 13th, 2169, securing a foothold and beginning the hard work of liberating the most hostile place in creation.

In HELLPIERCERS, players and their friends take on the roles of divine humanity clad in the corpses of angels, storming the gates of Hell. The game centers around four core concepts, including vast character customization that encourages creative thinking and tinkering, a meaningful strategic layer that creates emergent narratives with mechanical simplicity, fast-paced tactical combat focused on climatic boss battles and unique horde mechanics, and extensive GM tools and options enabling interesting counter-play and faction development.

The game’s characters are modular, initially consisting of a weapon, armor, and class that can be swapped out during downtime for one of dozens of alternative options to create totally unique builds. The game also features a unique approach to character progression that centers on a constant expansion of options and mechanics, so each campaign can grow at its own pace.

HELLPIERCERS gameplay is split into TACCOM, STRATCOM, and Hangin’ Out, covering tactical battle mode, high-level strategy, and narrative moments between the two. The game is set in a world inspired by esoteric mysticism and ancient heresy, and the city of DIS sits at the center of a vast fractal geography, with each region ruled by a demonic faction with unique abilities and aesthetic.

Sandy Pug Games promises top-notch artwork and stories that speak to complex themes of abolition, unity in the face of cosmic horror, and the limitless potential of a unified humanity. With the campaign already funded, backers can look forward to an exciting and engaging tactical Hell-slaying experience.