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Release Date Announced for Pathfinder: Gallowspire Survivors

Release Date Announced for Pathfinder: Gallowspire Survivors

BKOM Studios, in collaboration with Paizo, has announced that “Pathfinder: Gallowspire Survivors” will launch on April 4th. The game, which combines elements of roguelite and bullet hell genres, invites players to explore the world of Pathfinder in a novel way. After a period in Early Access, the game is set to introduce new features based on community feedback, including UI enhancements, gameplay balancing, and compatibility with the Steam Deck.

“Pathfinder: Gallowspire Survivors” allows players to venture into the depths of Gallowspire either alone or with a partner to challenge the Whispering Tyrant, Tar-Baphon. The release will see the introduction of a dash mechanic for evading attacks, a potion belt for gaining buffs, and various gameplay modes to enhance the player experience. Additionally, the game supports local co-op and Steam Remote Play, facilitating collaboration among players.

The narrative centers around Tar-Baphon, a mythic lich sealed within Gallowspire, who is on the verge of escaping his confinement. Players can select from three hero classes – Fighter, Wizard, or Rogue – each offering distinct abilities for navigating the challenges of Gallowspire and combating the undead minions and bosses that reside within.

The game’s roguelite structure ensures that death is part of the journey, allowing players to return stronger with each attempt, facilitated by an ancient medallion. This mechanic emphasizes progression and adaptation, encouraging players to refine their strategies with each run.