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  1. You can’t spell Zombicide. It’s in the damn box! Shows how little care went into this article. Also how is Doom, a 2 hr plus game, considered “fast pace”? WTF

  2. As the comment before said, the lack of care for this article is obvious and shameful, mice and mystics “Mice transformed into heroes”? Nah mate the entire premise is that the king and his Castle got turned into mice. You literally got it the wrong way around. You can’t read the box or bother enough to do a quick Google.

  3. Lol Dungeon! Does not feature character experience or progression. Along with the other comments above, show how terrible this article is.

  4. Claustrophobia has been out of print for over a decade. How do you qualify games to be included in this list “for 2023?” Just go on BoardgameGeek and get ratings from there.

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