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Plaid Hat Previews Shadow Elves Events for Summoner Wars

Plaid Hat Previews Shadow Elves Events for Summoner Wars

We’ve seen the rank and file. Now, let’s check out some of the events that fill the deck for the Shadow Elves, coming soon for Summoner Wars.

From the article:

Welcome back summoners! The Shadow Elves are armed with both light and dark magic, showcased by their event suite below.

Glinting Speed offers Selundar the chance to flicker in and out of combat at will, putting his massive 5 strength to work against key threats. Selundar can jump to spaces where enemy units were destroyed by attacks, or friendly units bounced back with Return to Shadows. See if you can coordinate the ultimate combo turn with this spell!

Shadow Pulse adds a haunting tension to the battlefield any time a gate sustains some damage. Lash out with the power of darkness, damaging any units, friend or foe, that dare stand close to unstable gates.

These cards are so strong, you may want to play them several times over, and with the Onyx Tome, you can! No sacrifice is too great for Selundar if it means receiving ultimate power. Onyx Tome can recur a select subset of cards, giving him the flexibility to adapt to the situation. Even taking damage is of little consequence when Blood Magic can convert that into boost for your bouncing needs.

 Tomorrow, we continue our daily Summoner Wars previews with the champion roster for the Shadow Elves. See you then!