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Plaid Hat Posts Summoner Wars Cards Update

Plaid Hat Posts Summoner Wars Cards Update

Plaid Hat wants to make sure that Summoner Wars is good and fun and balanced for its players. So, it’s making sure of that by posting an update to a pair of cards that weren’t quite working how they intended. Check out the updated cards below.

From the article:

Summoner Wars 2nd Edition, in both the physical and online editions, is getting a small update. We are revising two cards, both originally printed in the Summoner Wars 2nd Edition Master Set.

The changes not quite final, but are being tentatively deployed to Summoner Wars Online today. We are taking the opportunity to test the changes publicly for a few days before finalizing them. Final versions of the cards and decisions on how players’ physical copies of the game can be updated will be finalized in the next couple weeks, and we’ll announce final plans at that time. In the meantime, here are the changes we’re deploying today:

Sera Eldwyn, summoner of the Vanguards, is going from 2 strength to 3 strength. Sera has fallen far behind in the game and it has been proven that this strength increase helps her a lot.

Ice Ram, epic event of the Polar Dwarves, is changing to only work after forcing friendly structures (not all structures), and will not damage or force summoners. This change is to help structure-heavy opponents in current and future decks and eliminate one-turn-kill potential on summoners in the highest levels of play.

 Even though neither card in its original form breaks the game, we feel both of the changes will have huge benefits for the long term health of the game and the community, and that is why we are doing the update.

We are dedicated to maintaining the health and integrity of Summoner Wars Second Edition, and appreciate the community whose data has helped us make these improvements. Keep your eye out the next couple weeks on our finalization of changes and announcement on how we’ll distribute updated physical cards.