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Lost Treasures Unveiled: Bretonnian Lord Emerges from Citadel’s Closet

Lost Treasures Unveiled: Bretonnian Lord Emerges from Citadel’s Closet

Games Workshop is set to release a long-lost gem from its vaults—the Bretonnian Lord on Foot, sculpted back in 2008 but never brought to light until now. As the first wave of Warhammer: The Old World descends upon eager fans this Saturday, this noble lord and his loyal retainer join the glittering Bretonnian host against the formidable undead legions of Khemri.

Old World Lead Rob sheds light on the unexpected resurrection, revealing, “This awesome model was made in 2008 and was showcased at a Games Day back then. It was part of a cabinet of greens, but somehow it never made it to release until now.” The sculptor, Martin, expressed surprise at the Lord’s belated debut, recalling the model’s origin as a potential Games Day exclusive that was eventually replaced by another creation.

Martin, known for his previous work on the Bretonnian range, shares his sentiment about the Lord, stating, “I was proud to make it, and I have a soft spot for it.” Crafted with modeling putty and sculpting tools, this Lord on Foot stands as a unique addition to the Bretonnian lineup, offering a distinct presence compared to the mounted knight models.

After spending more than 15 years in the depths of the Citadel closet and residing on collectors’ lists of mythical ‘lost’ miniatures, the Lord and his retainer are finally making their grand entrance. Rob encourages collectors to embrace the uniqueness of this model, noting that the squire may not have in-game rules but invites players to explore creative uses for him.

While the Bretonnian Lord steals the spotlight, Rob hints at more surprises in store for Warhammer: The Old World. Attendees at the launch event in Nottingham this weekend will be treated to an exclusive look at the next army set for release, promising further excitement for fans of the fantasy tabletop universe. For those unable to make it to Nottingham, stay tuned to Warhammer Community for exclusive details and reveals. The return of lost miniatures marks a rare occasion, with the Bretonnian Lord standing as a testament to Games Workshop’s dedication to preserving and revitalizing its rich gaming history.