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Japanime Games Temporarily Closing Warehouses

Japanime Games Temporarily Closing Warehouses

As I mentioned, a lot of different countries rolled out new regulations and closures during the outbreak. Japanime Games is being affected by these new orders and have temporarily stopped shipping product.

From the announcement:

Hey everyone!

We hope this message finds you safe and healthy. We know things are all over the place right now, but we’ll be okay!

In case you didn’t already know, we are a very virtual company. Our President lives out in Oregon, not far from our Marketing Manager. Our Chief Operating Manager is watching it snow in Massachusetts. One of our associates is spending longer in Australia with family than expected, while another is safe over in Asia. All of us are remote workers (until we get together for conventions, which obviously is a much-missed event right now!), so titles currently in production continue to move forward, while we’re brainstorming upcoming titles.

The one group who does work physically at a Japanime location is our warehouse team, located in Indiana, where they just announced a “Stay at Home” order, starting March 25. Although they have been following precautionary measures, and have plenty of room in the warehouse to stay ‘socially distanced,’ obviously they are going to follow the order, and the warehouse will close temporarily starting on Wednesday, March 25, at least until April 7, when the order (at the moment) is set to be lifted.

What does this mean?

At the end of the day on Tuesday, March 24, the warehouse team will lock up and head home to do their part to flatten the curve of this virus and stay home through the two-week order – no orders will go out during this time. Until the warehouse closes tomorrow night, they will be pushing packages out the door in the order they were receivedAt this time, they should be able to ship out all existing orders for in-stock items before that deadline and will attempt to ship any received by mid-day tomorrow. 

What about your donations to game stores?

All customers who place orders during the stay-at-home closure (and beyond, if the crisis continues), will still be able to give us the name and location of the FLGS they want to receive the 50% donation. We’ve already received several dozen different game stores that will receive part of several thousand dollars in donations – thank you so much, you guys are awesome! Even though orders placed during the shutdown will not be able to ship immediately, we will still be contacting game stores to make the donations. We know you love your FLGS and so do we! We want all of us to come out the other side of this together so we can game on!

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