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Infinity’s December Releases: The Final Showcase of the Year

Infinity’s December Releases: The Final Showcase of the Year

In a recent blog post, Infinity has revealed an array of new miniatures to cap off the year. The December releases, as detailed on their official website by writer Gutier Lusquiños, are now available for fans looking to expand their collections or add a twist to their game strategies during the holiday season.

Zúyong Invincibles Add Might to Yu Jing Armies
Heading the release is the Zúyong Invincibles, a significant addition to the Yu Jing, Invincible Army, and Dahshat Company factions. These miniatures, representing the largest Heavy Infantry corps in the Human Sphere, are crafted to embody the spirit of every Yu Jing citizen. The pack includes several figures, such as the Zúyong Invincible with HMG and Tai Sheng, aiming to provide versatility and an aggressive edge to players’ armies.

Fiddler: From Toymaker to Mercenary
Another highlight is the enigmatic Fiddler, once an esteemed toymaker of Aristeia, now turned mercenary. Her story of transformation and resilience resonates across various factions like Haqqislam and Nomads. The set includes Fiddler herself and two accompanying Jackbots, illustrating her new path as a highly mobile engineer ready to disrupt enemy lines.

Nomads Reinforce with Two New Packs
Nomads players can rejoice with the introduction of two reinforcement packs: Alpha and Beta. The Alpha pack features units such as the Marspider with Heavy Flamethrower and Grenades, and the Beta pack continues to bolster the ranks with figures like Raoul Spector, the famous mercenary. Both packs are designed to offer rapid response and strategic depth to the Nomads’ forces.

Combined Army Expands with Exrah Commissariat
For the Combined Army enthusiasts, the December releases bring the Exrah Commissariat into focus. With two packs, Alpha and Beta, players can expect a range of units from Base Operators to the formidable Ko Dali with MULTI Rifle. These packs are meant to provide necessary reinforcements and diversify the tactical options available to the Combined Army.

Dire Foes Mission Pack 13: A Galactic Chase
Lastly, the Dire Foes Mission Pack 13, known as “Blindspot,” introduces a narrative-driven set of miniatures. It features characters like the Hassassin Husam Yasbir and the mysterious Galactic Hitchhiker. This pack brings a thematic twist to the game, focusing on a chase across the galaxy that adds both character and challenge to the Infinity universe.